PC deal made for Deal or no Deal

Game show phenomenon heads to PCs courtesy of Global Star; instead of mountains of cash, home game prizes such as chores can be dealt.


Coming to a PC near you.
Coming to a PC near you.

NBC's Deal or No Deal burst onto the American scene late last year as a special event, but has since become a weekly staple on the network's plate due to immediate ratings success. Like other popular game shows before it--American Idol, Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?, among others--Deal or No Deal is headed to the world of video games.

A PC translation of the Endemol (Big Brother, Fear Factor) property will be published by Global Star Software, the budget-game division of Take-Two Interactive; picking and choosing virtual briefcases will begin this holiday season for $19.99.

Howie Mandel, who has moved somewhat laterally from pulling surgical gloves over his head as a stand-up comic to prime-time game show host du jour, will also "host" the PC game. Other gameplay elements, such as the "beautiful models" and "mysterious banker," will also be digitized.

Obviously, the game does not come prepackaged with briefcases full of cash. To keep the suspense up, Global Star is offering a customizable feature that allows cohabitants to barter household chores such as washing dishes or making beds in lieu of owing each other thousands of dollars.

Endemol wasn't just dealing with Global Star. The Dutch production company also licensed Deal or No Deal to toymaker Jakks Pacific for a Plug It In & Play TV Game. The product will plug directly into television sets and contain multiple games on one single controller. The Deal or No Deal TV Game is expected to be released next spring for $19.99.

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