PC Dead Space 2 now 'under consideration'

[UPDATE] EA officially responds to reports of sci-fi horror game's demise, saying it's not officially canceled--but not in active development either.


[UPDATE] Following Tuesday's reports that Dead Space 2 had been canceled for the PC, Electronic Arts has released an official statement regarding the game. "Visceral Studios is dedicated to delivering an outstanding Dead Space sequel for the Xbox 360 and PS3," a company rep said, "A PC SKU is under consideration. Nothing additional at this time." The original story is below.

On Monday, the PC edition of Dead Space 2 was curiously absent from Electronic Arts' release calendar for its next fiscal year. Though the console and newly revealed handheld editions of the sci-fi horror game were listed as arriving in the January-March quarter of 2011, the Games for Windows edition--announced just in December--was missing in action.

EA can expect some serious flaming by PC gamers over canceling Dead Space 2 for Windows.
EA can expect some serious flaming by PC gamers over canceling Dead Space 2 for Windows.

Unfortunately, like many things that go missing, Dead Space 2 appears to be gone altogether on the PC. Venerable game news site Blue's News is quoting an EA rep as saying, "As of right now a PC SKU is not in the plan."

Dead Space 2's cancellation on the PC comes just a month and a half after it was officially announced as coming to the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. However, the move isn't so shocking, considering the fact that the original Dead Space sold under 40,000 copies at retail on the PC domestically, according to NPD Group figures. NPD figures do not, however, include digital distribution, which makes up an increasingly large slice of PC game sales.

For more on the award-winning original Dead Space, check out GameSpot's video review below.

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