PC Classic Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Has Multiplayer Servers Again, Including Cross-Play



Here's something cool and unexpected: 2005's Star Wars: Battlefront II now has online multiplayer support after losing the feature years ago. GOG, the online PC store operated by The Witcher studio CD Projekt Red, announced today that multiplayer support has been restored. And that's not all. There is now cross-play support with Battlefront II on GOG and Steam, so that should ideally help players find matches faster.

This long-awaited feature finally brings the entire Star Wars Battlefront II community together, no matter which part of the galaxy you come from, so go ahead and jump into the fray," GOG announced (via PC Gamer). In its own statement on Steam, Disney said about the multiplayer restoration, "Now you can draft your friends to the 501st legion and join up to 64 other players in a heated online battle for control of the galaxy."

In May 2014, GameSpy multiplayer servers shut down, rendering numerous games' online modes unplayable, including Battlefront II's. If you don't already own the game, it's marked down to just $5 right now on GOG. Steam is offering it for $10.

The next Battlefront game is ... Battlefront II. The game launches in November for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but everyone can try it beginning this week through its open beta. Unlike the first game, the sequel has a single-player campaign, in addition to content and characters from all Star Wars eras.

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