PC Batman: Arkham Asylum confined until Sept. 15

Eidos confirms desktop installment in Dark Knight's upcoming action adventure will trail console editions; will integrate Nvidia's PhysX technology.


It would appear as if PC gamers are going to have to deal with an Arkham Asylum in the grips of pandemonium for a bit longer than expected. Today, Eidos confirmed that the desktop edition of Batman: Arkham Asylum has been pushed back to September 15 in North America, with its European and Australian counterparts coming three days later. The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 editions of the game remain on track for August 25.

Power generators will now explode in an even more natural and realistic way.
Power generators will now explode in an even more natural and realistic way.

Along with revealing the PC edition's new ship date, Eidos also confirmed that it would be implementing Nvidia's PhysX technology into the PC edition of the game. Nvidia's technology allows developers to utilize the processing power of select GeForce GPUs to better render the physics of objects in the game world. Specifically, Eidos notes that in-game objects, such as soda cans and other trash, will behave in a lifelike manner when Batman is mixing it up with Arkham's criminals.

Cowritten by Paul Dini, producer of TV's Batman: The Animated Series, the game begins when the Joker breaks out of jail and escapes to Arkham. There, he orchestrates a plan to kill Batman and wreak havoc on Gotham City with the help of myriad accomplices. As an added incentive, PS3 gamers will be able to play as Gotham City's quintessential madman in the game's challenge map modes.

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Batman: Arkham Asylum.

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My video card is a radeon 4850, so it won't run that extra stuff, but I did play the demo on my desktop, and it looked gorgeous like the console versions. My radeon's running an hdmi cable to my hdtv, so I could care less about the console versions.

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well am waiting batman. in a months time i will officially be controlling u and bashing up thugs and finally bashing in joker's head. oh dat sure is going to fell goood even if i am not batman. oh ya Bats...nice suit. i wish i had it man. think of allllllllllllll d chicks i could pick up. damn! catwoman might even leave d comic book world for me :P

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I played the demo on the PS3, 360 and PC. I have a PC that will easily run this game with the added Physx but I'm still getting the game on the 360. I'd rather play the game on my large LCD in my living room through my home theatre than on my PCs decidely smaller display and inferior audio setup. I doubt I will even miss seeing papers and pop cans flying during fights.

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Well after playing the PC version and the 360 version they do see really good. My graphics card is just a little better then it is on the 360 so i didnt see much of a graphics improvement but a little of the physics were good and the gameplay was awesome i just might get it on the pc.

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I bet you think the PS3 will see Fallout 3's Broken Steel sometime in the near future as well...

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vf21x Posted Aug 10, 2009 8:40 pm GMT "PS3 gamers will be able to play as Gotham City's quintessential madman in the game's challenge map modes. " 360 will get The Joker to. watch. about a month after the game is released, they put it on Live, just like PS3's exclusive Darth Vader character for the 360 version of Soul Calibur.

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Just downloaded and played the demo, The game is good. combat is pretty smooth, plus its fun creeping on people. People...we have offically gotten our first true Batman game

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well, just downloaded the demo early this morning and I'll play it later tonight, I just hope it plays as good as it looks

Avatar image for nikbotv4

Although I must say, if any of you have been eyeing GI Joe: The Movie: The Game, abandon all pursuits and switch onto the Batman train. It's prettier but the difficulty remains about the same.

Avatar image for nikbotv4

Am I the only person who thinks the only thing this game has going for it is the graphics and the silly garbage physics. The demo looked great, but looking great and being fun to play are very different things. The combat is ridiculous. The gameplay consists of jumping around a room onto conveniently placed gargoyles, and spamming one button to attack enemies. You can almost play this game without looking at it (whenever hand to hand combat is concerned you most certainly can), and that means there's no incentive for me to look at the beautifully rendered scraps of paper.

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"PS3 gamers will be able to play as Gotham City's quintessential madman in the game's challenge map modes. " Sorry Xbox360!!!!!!!

Avatar image for plm3d_basic

Oh no, they delayed the pc version. What exactly are us pc gamers going to do in the meantime? As if there aren't a whole lot of other games to play on the pc. /sarc Hopefully, they'll use that time wisely and improve lighting, textures, physics, AI, and other graphical effects unlike that pile of crap Bionic Commando which was an exact port of the xbox360 with on screen buttons from their gaypad. I was considering pirating that game out of spite to the developers for being a bunch of lazy mofos.

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haha they implanted physics even 4 every paper !! and they ommited blood !! ironic!!

Avatar image for Niccara

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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implementation of robust physics in a PC game- that's cool. odd that it was the justification for not releasing Force Unleashed on PC.

Avatar image for BigBacon87

Tough cookies for PC gamers. 16 days!

Avatar image for Jd1680a

I dont mind game developers delaying games to get more times to work out bugs and to shiny and polish the gameplay, so when i get buy it, the game would be worth $40-50.

Avatar image for MrNib

The PC demo was great, ran well maxed out and looked damn sexy in the process, the combat was actually pretty satisfying as well.

Avatar image for Ganga

I played the PC and PS3 demo yesterday. Well, I played the PC demo first with all graphic and Physx turned up. I must say I was blown away. The graphics at 1900 by 1200 is sick! I played the PS3 version and I must admit not bad. I was pleasantly suprised that the PS3 version, although not as pretty as the PC version, still looked very very good for a console games. I don't think you can go wrong either way. Heck I would even get the PS3 version because of the delay, but with less and less quality games coming out on the PC I am going to just wait. Either way though you can't go wrong (especially if you don't have a true pc gaming rig like I do.

Avatar image for angelcar

@ safaridriver You do know it's quite easy to connect a PC to your 65" 1080p TV and play from your couch? BTW, playing on a 24" 1920x1200 LCD, sitting 18" from the screen is pretty sweet too.

Avatar image for FurqanHBK

Resident evil 5,Batman,Section 8,Red faction all in same month cool iam gonna buy all of them can,t wait

Avatar image for DarkStreetDev

Good thing I will get it on PS3!

Avatar image for cowmaster2k3

I played Batman on the ps3 and 360 at e3... the PC demo is somehow much more fun! The graphics are also 2X better.

Avatar image for Peabody99224

I've already pre-ordered the Collector's Edition for my PS3, and I can't wait for August 15th to roll around.

Avatar image for redoverking

i can't wait till batman arkham asylum released

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i gotta say i'm a bit dissapointed that batman gets delayed again (at 1st it was supoused to be released at the end of june) i was looking foward to pick the collectors edition this month... still maybe it would be for the best, with physix and better optimisation this game might be the best pc game of 2009 =] i'm downloading the demo right now... =]

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Best graphics of 2009

Avatar image for fkb90210


Avatar image for SillySkeleton

Those soda cans had better be damn epic to justify the delay... :p

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@flyingdutchdog Definitely not a "PC Snob" here brother. I own all these systems and I had them way before I could afford a decent PC. Old Systems: Nintendo (8 bit classic), SNES, Gameboy, Gamecube, X-Box Current Gen: X-Box360, Wii I started as a console gamer... So...back to the topic of Physx. I just downloaded and played through the demo and the Physx seemed fine to me though there wasn't much debris flying around to notice. Also in the "Options" menu it gives you three choices for Physx. Two depending on your graphics card, and another to turn the Physx off completely. This leads me to think Eidos is just making excuses because the PC version is either.. A: Taking longer to make.. or B: They are afraid of pirates killing their sales. It always boggles my mind why PC ports take longer when they have to use a PC to make the games to begin with. There isn't a programmer on Earth who sits down in front of a X-Box360 and says "Ok, I'm gonna program a new X-Box game today"....they sit in front a PC or Mac and write the programming. I HIGHLY recommend the demo Btw :)

Avatar image for deeper_crust

bottles and cans?!?! lol

Avatar image for blkstr89

i have nothing more to say than lets hope the cans do end up being kickable.if they arent, U WILL BE HEARING FROM MY DUST-BIN!

Avatar image for DarkGod189

i dont understand why they couldnt just release the physx as a patch for pc and let it be released on the 25th of august as well >_

Avatar image for Dungeoncrawler1

Has nothing to do with phyx...all to do with coercing pc gamers whom own consoles to buy a console version along with the pc version later. Brilliant strategy or corporate greed, you be the judge?

Avatar image for safaridriver

This sucks for PCers cause I played the demo and was highly impressed. Graphically I dont care what kind of supped up pc you own it doesnt beat 65in 1080p tv and as jimmy fallon would say LEATHER couches and fresh bongload to boat

Avatar image for BloodMist

The demo kicks friggin ass, just had to say that.Will be playing with glee on my PC.

Avatar image for karlt321

Another great game being put back i see -.o. I'm already supposed to be playing Mafia 2, Alan wake, and I'm still trying to get over my Bioshock 2 related denial. But I'm inpatient, I know when they arrive they will rock. I really enjoyed that demo, although it was a short one...it could of also of had more replay value; if only the "Trophy" items i picked up allowed me to view more 3d models on the main screen, I'd play through it again and again.

Avatar image for chibi-acer

Yay, life-like trash... Oh well, I still want it. ^_^

Avatar image for blazin640

the demo of this game was great, I reserved it before I saw anything about it, this game willn't dissapoint me.

Avatar image for deactivated-57fce817a4cf5

Downloaded the demo this morning. It is great fun and graphics are wow. It is not often a demo sells me a game but this one has certainly done it.

Avatar image for ClayMeow

Downloading the demo as I type this and have high expectations (I played a demo of the game on a PS3 setup in GameStop a couple of months ago and it was fun). At least the reason for the delay is an improvement over its console brethren, so I can deal with that =D

Avatar image for NuKkU

when i read this i didnt see the PC part so i was pretty mad then i saw lol :P the demo was freakin awesome im not going to lie truly represents Batman

Avatar image for Jamez5895

downloading the demo right now. Hope its good. Most games like this disappoint in the end(Lucasarts knows what im talking about)

Avatar image for NooDLES-666

Just played the Arkham Asylum demo on XBL. Let me just say the graphics are awesome and the gameplay/combat is fun as hell.

Avatar image for darkmask1991

Batman and Resident Evil 5... Bad move.

Avatar image for Onsokuni

"And most of us (the real world) dont have the money to fork over 2-4 thousand for a gaming rig. I will stick with my 360 that plays 10$ games. I could probably just play games on my pc,but that would be gay" What world do you live in? Earth, circa 1996? I've never paid more than $600 for a near-top-of-the-line gaming rig (see: something that performs better than any console on the market, anyway).

Avatar image for scottyg_20

god, now nothing is coming out this month...... pushed back - red faction - tropico 3 - now this.... what is so friggin special about sept anyway edit - i guess wolfeinstein is still coming out, that should be good

Avatar image for HawX_

You don't have use a 20" pc monitor, I use a 32" HDTV. Also my pc cost $600-800 and play game great.