PC and DC Players to Meet in Quake III

Sega has released the Dreamcast version of id's Quake III Arena. A patch will let PC players go head-to-head with the fresh influx of console gamers.


Accompanying the announcement of Quake III Arena for the Dreamcast, Sega has confirmed that PC players will soon be able to join SegaNet's Quake III servers and play against opponents using Dreamcasts. The Dreamcast version of the game will include 14 previously unreleased arena maps, which will only be available on the new Dreamcast game disc but may be used in head-to-head online play with PC gamers.

Experienced PC players will likely have a natural advantage over console opponents using the standard Dreamcast controller, but Sega has recently introduced an optional mouse and keyboard that should level the playing field. The game's online play will be supported by the Dreamcast's standard 56K modem, but Quake III will also take advantage of the soon be released Ethernet adapter, which will enable the console to make a broadband connection to the Internet.

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