PC Accessories Company Logitech Building a Video Game And It Needs Your Help

"Together We Game" initiative crowdsources game ideas that will eventually make their way into a full title to be released early next year.


Electronics giant Logitech, best known for its line of PC accessories, is branching out into new territory. The company today launched an ambitious new initiative called "Together We Game," a first-of-its-kind collaborative project between Logitech and gamers where the company will crowdsource game ideas for an upcoming game and then build it, whatever it turns out to be.

Fans don't have complete control over what the game will be, however, as Logitech has already decided that it will be a 2D tower defense title. The rest, including the theme, environment, characters, and weapons, is up for players to decide.

For every element of the game, fans can chime in with their thoughts in this special Reddit section. Logitech will then narrow down the game ideas and put the best ones to vote via the company's social networks. "After each decision, we will take you behind the scenes and showcase the process of game development," Logitech says.

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The final, playable version of the game will be available in around five months, and it will be free on Steam for PCs and through iTunes for iOS devices, according to USA Today. Who will actually do the development work? That's being handled by Tiny Mantis, with special help from New York University Game Lab director Frank Lantz.

Logitech says it chose tower defense, over something like a 3D FPS, because Together We Game is only an experiment and the company does not have an unlimited budget. "We chose tower defense because it allows the most basic level of customization while still fitting into our five-month timeline," Logitech said. "But if this project goes well, who knows what we'll try next!"

You can sound off with your own ideas for what makes a good tower defense game in this subreddit from Logitech. People are already contributing ideas like customizable characters, RPG elements, and enemy dragons to fight against.

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