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Payday 3 Trailer Is Literally Just A Guy Standing In A Dark Room, Gameplay Coming This Summer

A new teaser trailer for Payday 3 reveals that a gameplay reveal is coming sometime this summer.


We already knew that Payday 3 is on the way, but we'll soon see how it's shaping up this summer. An incredibly short new teaser trailer has let us all know that its gameplay reveal is coming this summer, though a specific date was not mentioned.

The teaser trailer depicts the silhouette of a man in a trenchcoat in a darkened room lit only by the glow of screens. The man says: "Alright, it's a simple job." That line is followed by the reveal that gameplay is coming this summer. It's a simple teaser, but judging by the social media response, it got the job done. "Words cannot describe how hyped I am for this game," reads the current top YouTube comment.

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Payday 3 is a soft reboot for the franchise that takes place several years after Payday 2, featuring the original four characters of Dallas, Hoxton, Chains, and Wolf. It takes place in New York City and will feature new hazards and opportunities such as the dark web, cryptocurrency, and mass surveillance. Starbreeze boss Tobias Sjogren said in an interview with that he feels pressure to deliver with the sequel, especially given that the franchise has already reached 40 million people. Starbreeze's last game, Overkill's The Walking Dead, was a major disappointment, but Payday 3 has already been "fully financed" through a deal with Koch Media.

Starbreeze has confirmed that the game is identical on PC and consoles, and it's set for a release sometime in 2023.

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