Payday 3 Officially In Production, But It Won't Be Rushed

"You simply don't rush Payday 3."


Having confirmed a follow-up to Payday 2 last year, publisher Starbreeze today provided a bit of additional insight into the status of Payday 3.

"It is with great satisfaction that we also can announce that Payday 3 production is officially initiated and at a full design stage," CEO Bo Andersson Klint said as part of Starbreeze's latest financial report.

Although he didn't share any specifics about what kind of new changes or innovations we can expect to see from Payday 3, Klint did note that Starbreeze has no plans to rush it onto store shelves.

"I'd like to especially clarify that this project will enjoy as much time as we deem needed," he said. "It will be done when it's done. This is our single most important brand today and the cornerstone of our business and we will treat it accordingly. Updates in the near future might be scarce and far between. You simply don't rush Payday 3."

Starbreeze didn't share any updates regarding its upcoming Walking Dead game except to confirm it remains in development. The project is in the works at Overkill Software, which is the studio also responsible for Payday.

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Regarding the recent news that Starbreeze had teamed up with Double Fine to publish Psychonauts 2, Klint suggested it may not be the last such deal it makes this year.

"Our publishing portfolio has grown to secure a steady flow of products, big and small, for the upcoming year. We are proud to have signed up Double Fine with Tim Schafer leading the development of their new AAA game Psychonauts 2. We are constantly looking to attract leading teams to our publishing business and 2017 will see a number of these projects initiated by Starbreeze."

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