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Payday 3 Has Revamped Special Enemies And New Gun Progression

Enemies like the Bulldozer and the Cloaker have new tricks up their sleeve.


Payday 3 will launch with new and revamped special enemy types, a new weapon customization and progression systems, as well as altered difficulty settings and smarter enemy AI.

In a dev diary with senior game designers Miodrag Kovačević and Jimmy Karlström, as well as lead gameplay programmer Martin Waern, new details about the game's combat were revealed. Payday 3 will launch with four difficulties: Normal, Hard, Very Hard, and Overkill. You will encounter every kind of enemy on every difficulty, as it was a priority for Starbreeze that content not be locked off on lower difficulty settings. Higher difficulties increase enemy numbers, accuracy, and damage. However, enemy health is consistent around all settings, making for a more even player experience.

As for enemy types, the most common enemies are SWAT and Heavy SWAT units. More uncommon enemies include Shield and Sniper units. Enemy tactics have received an upgrade, with the standard SWAT units positioning themselves around the shield as cover. The game also includes both new and returning special enemies.

For example, the Bulldozer is a heavily armored SWAT officer. One of his new abilities is the bull rush, where he rushes toward you and hits you with his helmet, causing temporary immobility. You will have a brief window to fight back and break free, before you are fully stunned. The Cloaker has received the most changes, including the ability to destroy player tools with acid and enhanced melee capabilities. The Nader is a brand new special enemy, who deploys gas grenades and flashbangs. The Zapper now does not stun you instantly Payday 3 also lets you construct builds that will hard counter specific Specials.

Player armor affects movement speed and weight. Armor is made of components that can break down under fire. You can fix your armor with an armor bag, similar to a medkit. Some special enemies will circumvent armor with their attacks. Like Payday 2, you can fully mod your weapons with sights, magazines, stocks, etc. Each gun has its own progression path, where you unlock items to use on that particular weapon. You can also play with preset weapons, which have a set loadout of mods and a unique look. After you complete objectives, you can call in an especially powerful weapon called an Overkill, which include grenade launchers and snipers.

Payday 3 launches on September 18, on Xbox Series X|S, PS5, and PC.

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