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Payday 3 Developer Knows You Aren't Satisfied With The Game And Will Show A Plan Next Month

Starbreeze will show its plan in February.


Payday 3 developer Starbreeze says that it knows players aren't satisfied with the state of the game and is implementing changes in the near future.

"Since launch, we’ve been reading your valuable feedback in forums, social media and in video comments in addition to the FeatureUpvote page," global brand director Almir Listo said in a statement. "This helps us massively and is crucial to the continued development of Payday 3."

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Listo explained that Starbreeze is putting together a veteran team of developers from across different departments to make sure that Payday 3 meets fan expectations. The team is currently coming up with short and long term plans for the game.

He continued, "We want to be careful to not simply react, and deal with any possible improvements one by one with the care, thought and planning they deserve. In February, we will communicate a plan detailing the upcoming improvements and when you can expect to see them in the game."

Payday 3 has had a rocky road since its release back in September 2023 as Starbreeze has already apologized multiple times for its poor launch and weak initial sales. Luckily, however, Payday 3's development costs were recouped within nine days.

In GameSpot's Payday 3 review, we said, "Payday 3's drastically improved heists allow for a level of freedom that is betrayed by challenge-based progression."

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