Payday 2 Is Coming To Virtual Reality

Headset owners will soon be able to rob banks in VR.

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Payday 2 has been around since 2013, and it's found a devoted fanbase over the past few years. Developer Starbreeze continues to support the game with new content, and today it announced that it's bringing the game to virtual reality.

Starbreeze announced the VR version today in a livestream and subsequently released a trailer for it, and it looks pretty wild. Payday 2 is already a hectic and chaotic game, so it'll most likely be even crazier when you're strapped into a headset. This isn't just a small, companion experience, either: the developer is making the entire game for VR. You can watch the full trailer above.

Because this is simply Payday 2 ported to VR, any unlocks you've earned in the existing game will be available right away. In addition, it will have cross-play between the VR and normal versions, meaning that you can play in VR with friends who don't have a headset. Payday 2 VR will also be free for current owners of the game on PC.

In the livestream, Starbreeze showed it running on the HTC Vive with motion controllers. It is unclear at this time if the game will be released for the Oculus Rift.

Although no exact release date has been announced, it will have a beta sometime in 2017. You can check out our original 7/10 review of Payday 2 here.

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"Payday 2 VR will also be free for current owners of the game on PC."

Now I'm interested. Though I've stopped playing the main game since it's really gone downhill since the launch, but I've had some good times with it.

Avatar image for Abomination713

I absolutely LOVED the game when it first came out. It was amazing! However, since it's nothing but a DLC machine, it's driven me away from the game. The devs claimed it was the publisher that made them do all that DLC, but after they bought the rights for the game back, they still released an ungodly amount of garbage. I just want Payday 3 to comeout, but hope they don't **** it up. A lot of the DLC weapons should be in the game from the get go and they need to fix the amount of ammo each guns has. The M4 is one of, if not the best gun in the game because it has the 2nd most ammo for an assault rifle and has the most customization in the game. The AK on the other hand, has great damage and you can tweak it with some mods, but it has the worst ammo count among assault rifles so you never want to use it cause you can't get the ammo back that you spend killing people. The ammo pick ups really should scale with the guns side ammo count. The higher it is, the lower amount of bullets you get, the lower it is, the more ammo you get per box.

Avatar image for darthrevenx

Why??? shouldn't the game be dead by now?? after all the stunts they puled??

Avatar image for shlompskii

glad to see another ACTUAL gaming coming to VR

Avatar image for gkmogglemog

@shlompskii: It's not an actual game. It's a scam game.