PayDay 2 Adds First Female Playable Character

Clover is an Irish woman who wields an assault rifle and a brutal melee weapon; The Diamond Heists DLC also now available.

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Crime game PayDay 2 has introduced its first female playable character, an Irish woman named Clover. She's available today through the Clover Character Pack, which you can buy right now for $5.

The shillelagh weapon
The shillelagh weapon

She comes with a new perk called Burglar that allows her to pick locks, bag bodies, and answer pages faster. The perk also affords her a "high tolerance to pain," allowing her to heal quickly from wounds.

Clover also comes with a special mask, a high-power L-95 assault rifle, and a skull-breaking shillelagh melee weapon (above left). "Clover grew up in a rough house in a rough part of town. Her ancestors were fighters in every generation, and she is fiercely dedicated to her Irish heritage," her description reads.

In other PayDay 2 news, developer Overkill Software has also released a new expansion called "The Diamond Heist." As its name suggests, this mission involves stealing precious jewels. You can buy the expansion today on Steam for around $6.

For more on The Diamond Heist expansion, check out the image gallery below. Be sure to click each image to see a full-size version.

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