Pay What You Want for These Total War Games, Support Charity

Here's the full rundown on Sega's new Humble Total War Bundle.


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Sega has launched a new Total War-themed Humble Bundle campaign, letting players pay what they want for a variety of PC games in the Creative Assembly-developed strategy series.

Pay whatever you want and you'll unlock Medieval II: Total War Collection, Shogun: Total War Collection, Viking: Battle for Asgard, and the Total War: Rome II original soundtrack. Also included for the price of whatever you'd like to pay is a beta key to Total War Arena (and some in-game extras), a Total War: Warhammer illustrated campaign map, some Total War ebooks, and the Humble Banner Heraldry and $10 worth of in-game cash for Total War Battles: Kingdom.

Pay more than the average price (currently $8.11) and you'll unlock everything above, plus Empire: Total War Collection, Medieval: Total War Collection, $10 worth of in-game cash for Total War: Arena, and a coupon code for 66 percent off Total War: Attila from the Humble Store.

People who pay $15 or more will receive everything already listed as well as the Total War: Rome II Emperor Edition and an array of DLC, including the Wrath of Sparta, Caesar in Gaul, Nomadic Tribes, and Pirates and Raiders add-ons. Finally, if you pay $30, you'll get everything plus a Total War t-shirt.

The Total War Humble Bundle runs through September 29. More than 28,000 bundles have already been sold for a total of just under $230,000. As always, buyers get to decide where they want their money to go, either to developers or five charities. In this case, those charities are Special Effect, Royal Surrey Hospital, Willow Foundation, Walking with the Wounded, and Boon Lott's Elephant Sanctuary.

The next Total War game is Total War: Warhammer, which launches in 2016. In addition, The Creative Assembly is working on Halo Wars 2, which debuts for Xbox One and PC next year.

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