Pay What You Want for These Civilization, XCOM Games

The Humble Firaxis Bundle has begun.


The next pay-what-you-want Humble Bundle started today. Themed around games from Civilization and XCOM developer Firaxis Games, it's being called the Humble Firaxis Bundle.

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As with all Humble Bundles, you can pay what you want for a variety of games. Paying more gets you more, and you can designate a portion of your payment to charity.

The Humble Firaxis Bundle supports Action Against Hunger, a global charity dedicated to ending world hunger.

All games in this bundle are available on Steam for Windows, while "most" are also available for Steam on Mac and Linux. You can see a full rundown of system requirements for all the games here.

Humble Firaxis Bundle:

Pay $1 or more to unlock:

Pay more than the average (currently $7.63) to unlock:

Pay $15 or more to unlock:

Just hours after the Humble Firaxis Bundle began, it's already generated more than $65,000 in revenue from more than 8,500 purchasers. The bundle will be available for two weeks.

Head to Humble Bundle's website to learn more.

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Absolute bargain... Most of those are great games as well. I would jump at the chance for these if I didn't already have most of them, I can't even keep the ones I don't and gift away the ones I do.

That feels like a waste.

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mekentosh probably paid more than $200 for all those games.

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Pirates and complete version of Civ 3 for 1$, this means instabuy!

For anyone who is not convinced - bundle's games rates::


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these games drm free? I never bought from Humble. I been waiting for a drm free version of Civ 5 since release. I have steam version currently.

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@Yams1980: No, every Firaxis game is based on Steamworks.

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ah that sucks. Thanks for checking. maybe someday they'll make a clean version.

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Chur Humble Bundle! And thanks for keeping us in the know Gamespot.

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100% goes to charitie right ?

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@fogirony: It's up to you when you purchase it. You can set what goes to the Devs, Humble or Charity.

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$15 for Beyond Earth???? Ripoff.

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$1 for both Pirates and Xcom? I'm sold.

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too bad I'm a broke neet

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That's one the best Bundles they've had yet. Unfortunately, the better the games in the Bundle, the more likely I am to already own them. : p

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@Mogan: Yep I know, same here. I just want Starships and Rising Tide but i'm not gettin it.

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Sick deal! These are quality games.

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This is a very good bundle.

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oww dang that's a good bundle. civ beyond earth is like £/$15 itself most times.

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Very tempting....

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Good bundle.

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Humble Bundle must be stopped... Or at least they need to put some garbage bundles for a couple of months so I can catch up