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Pay Less Than $1 in New PS4/PS3/Vita Flash Sale

Gravity Rush, Dino Crisis, Twisted Metal: Black, Wild Arms, and much more for less than $1 each.

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Sony has kicked off its latest flash sale on the PlayStation Store, discounting the prices of more than two dozen games, many of which can be had for less than a buck.

The sale features games for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, and even some PlayStation Portable games. The highlights include Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary Edition (PS4) for $0.91, Tokyo Jungle (PS3) for $0.90, and Gravity Rush (Vita) for $0.81.

The full list of deals follows below. You don't need a PlayStation Plus membership in order to take advantage, but you will have to act before March 23 at 9 AM Pacific.

Game NamePlatformSale PriceOriginal Price
Babel RisingPS3$0.90$9.99
Back to the Future: The Game - Full SeriesPS3$0.80$19.99
Bejeweled 3PS3$0.95$4.99
Beta BlocPSP/PS Vita$0.95$4.99
Breath of Fire IVPS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Championship BassPS3$0.96$5.99
Cloudberry KingdomPS3$0.90$9.99
Dead Head FredPSP/PS Vita$0.90$9.99
Dead NationPS3$0.88$7.99
Dead Nation: Apocalypse EditionPS4$0.90$14.99
Despicable Me: The GamePSP/PS Vita$0.90$9.99
Dino CrisisPS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Dino Crisis 2PS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Eat Lead: The Return of Matt HazardPS3$0.90$9.99
Extreme PinballPS3$0.96$5.99
Feeding Frenzy 2PS3$0.95$4.99
Ferrari: The Race ExperiencePS3$0.90$14.99
Fighting ForcePS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Galaga Legions DXPS3$0.90$9.99
Game of ThronesPS3$0.80$19.99
Gravity RushPS Vita$0.81$13.49
Heavy Fire: AfghanistanPS3$0.90$14.99
Heavy Fire: Shattered SpearPS3$0.90$9.99
Hi-Octane: The Track Fights BackPS3$0.96$5.99
ibb & obbPS3$0.90$9.99
Jurassic Park: The Game - Full SeasonPS3$0.80$19.99
Katamari DamacyPS3$0.90$9.99
Klonoa: Door to PhantomilePS1$0.96$5.99
Kurulin FusionPSP$0.95$4.99
Mad RidersPS3$0.90$9.99
Magic CarpetPS3$0.96$5.99
Matt Hazard: Blood Bath and BeyondPS3$0.90$9.99
Mega Man X4PS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Mega Man X5PS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Mortal Kombat Arcade KollectionPS3$0.90$9.99
MystPSP/PS Vita$0.84$11.99
Narco TerrorPS3$0.90$9.99
Noby Noby BoyPS3$0.95$4.99
Nuclear StrikePSX$0.96$5.99
Pac-Man Championship Edition DX+PS3$0.90$9.99
Payday: The HeistPS3$0.90$14.99
Poker Night 2PS3$0.90$9.99
Populous: The BeginningPS3$0.96$5.99
Puzzle AgentPS3$0.90$9.99
RIPD: The GamePS3$0.90$9.99
Rock of AgesPS3$0.90$9.99
Sacred CitadelPS3$0.90$9.99
Sam & Max: Beyond Time and Space - Full SeasonPS3$0.80$19.99
Sam & Max: The Devil's PlayhousePS3$0.80$19.99
Shoot Many RobotsPS3$0.90$9.99
Soviet StrikePS3$0.96$5.99
Star Wars: Battlefront IIPSP$0.90$9.99
StreetkixPSP/PS Vita$0.84$11.99
Super Pocket TennisPSP/PS Vita$0.95$4.99
Surgeon Simulator: A&E Anniversary EditionPS4$0.91$12.99
Syphon FilterPS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Syphon Filter 3PS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
TAC HeroesPSP/PS Vita$0.84$11.99
Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs AttackPS3/PS Vita$0.96$7.99
Tales of Monkey IslandPS3$0.80$19.99
Tekken 2PS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Tennis in the FacePS4$0.95$4.99
Texas Cheat’emPS3$0.90$9.99
The Expendables 2PS3$0.90$14.99
Theme ParkPS3$0.96$5.99
Tokyo JunglePS3$0.90$14.99
Twisted Metal: BlackPS3$0.90$9.99
Who Wants to Be a MillionairePS3$0.90$9.99
Who Wants to Be a Movie MillionairePS3$0.99$2.99
Wild ArmsPS3/PSP/PS Vita$0.96$5.99
Zeno Clash 2PS3$0.90$14.99

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