Pay-by-hour karaoke game coming to Xbox Live

The Karaoke Channel and Microsoft Studios partner for new singing game that streams music for charge in 2, 6, and 24 hour intervals.



Microsoft recently added its first free-to-play game to Xbox Live, but the company isn't finished trying new things. Microsoft and The Karaoke Channel have announced a collaboration that will bring a new pay-by-the-hour karaoke game to Xbox Live later this year.

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The game--simply titled Karaoke--features a library of over 8,000 songs spanning numerous genres, including pop, rock, country, hip-hop, and others. Songs will be available by streaming, with no download required.

Karaoke will launch with free sample songs, with "full access" to the entire library available in in blocks of 2, 6, or 24 hours by redeeming Microsoft Points. New songs will be added to the library on a regular basis Microsoft said. Regarding pricing, a Microsoft representative said, "We haven’t announced pricing yet, but please stay tuned."

Kinect support for Karaoke on Xbox Live was not mentioned, with Microsoft saying gamers must have an Xbox 360 headset, Xbox 360 wireless microphone, or a compatible USB microphone to play the game.

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