Paul McCartney working with Bungie

Ex-Beatles legend tweets that he's "really excited" to be writing music with Halo developers.


Sir Paul McCartney is apparently playing a part in Bungie's upcoming Destiny franchise. The former Beatles singer-songwriter posted on his Twitter account today that he's "really excited to be working on writing music with @bungie, the studio that made Halo."

McCartney posted this picture along with his Bungie tweet.
McCartney posted this picture along with his Bungie tweet.

Although Bungie hasn't officially announced its next project, the studio's contract with Activision was outed as a result of the publisher's legal fight with Jason West and Vince Zampella. The contract called for Bungie to create Destiny, a series of four "massively multiplayer-style…sci-fantasy, action shooter games," to be delivered every other year beginning next fall. In between those releases, the studio was expected to produce downloadable expansion packs under the code name "Comet."

Bungie hasn't detailed release plans or platforms for its first series for Activision, and these plans were only current as of the April 16, 2010, signing of the contract.

The 70-year-old McCartney has been involved in games before, most notably with the release of The Beatles: Rock Band. In an interview with German outlet Die Zeit earlier this year, McCartney said he didn't game himself but was interested in the medium as a way to expose people to new music.

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But is he actually writing the music or is he waiting for the composer to die so he can claim he wrote it?

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@DarkSaber2k It must be rough growing up as a child of incest. :(

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@slimskelter Well no-one would know better than you.

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@DarkSaber2k Duuuuuuuurrrrrr

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@HAZCHEM88 wubwubwubwubwub, see I can make noises too! Isn't this fun? Wheeeeee!

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Celebrity A.I.

Now, when you go to practice matches, you can square off against a ton of celebrity Destiny players, first up Paul McCartney, who was one of the best Pac-Man players the Beatles had (After the breakup, it was said he got Pac Man fever in the 80's). Paul saying he doesn't game is a clever way to hide this exciting new program.

Elite, usually family only, Private audiences have enjoyed Paul's rendition of Pac-Man Fever, Do the Donkey Kong, and TMNT original Theme song. Dude is going to be playing Destiny day one!

Word on the street is they are also recruiting Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Rebecca Black!

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@SolidTy Paul McCartney in a interview for Beatles: Rock Band said he played a ton of Pilot Wings on the SNES.

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@Miroku_of_Nite1 Exactly! ;)

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@Reuwsaat Least this comment makes a lot more sense than just straight out saying "The Beatles suck!" lol.

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wings ? that band was crap !

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Interesting, and quite out of left field O.o

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Bungie should make a musical adventure game where you explore various worlds The Beatles created. Maybe there will be a level where you have to fight against "The Man" who have snuck aboard your Yellow Submarine.

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That's interesting... although... I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around how that will work, or even how that will sound, and if it will properly harmonize with the game.

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@Hey_Jay McCartney compose orchestral music as well in case you didn't know.

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@Atheosis Ah, understood. I did not.

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@Atheosis Did not know, good to know.

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@yencanwasu They already have a composer. They probably added paul McCartney to give it a diverse sound or whatever. Hans zimmer doesn't need to compose everything.

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Comet is the forerunner to "Operation Icebreaker" actually being implemented after they pay out legal fees to the guys they tried to fire via hacking their work computers.

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I think this is cool.

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Hanz Zimmer would of been a better choice. He has more experience with this kind of thing, and he's just better than Paul all around with music.

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@yencanwasu Hanz Zimmer >>>>> P.M

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@yencanwasu Just better than Paul all around?? Clearly you haven't listened to the entirety of the White Album, or Sergeant Pepper, or Abbey Road.Hans Zimmer is great at what he does, but he isn't a Beatle.

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One could say, Bungie's now a group of "Daydream Believers", Amirite? :DD Oh wait, that's The Monkees. Fuuuuuuuuuuu-

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Loooove Paul McCartney!!!!! Don't care about bungie. Bush league Halo games. I saw some of the comments on here and immediately registered just to say. Dont hate on the Beatles without them Communism would never have been defeated, we wouldn't have magnum ice creams and Kim Jon Il would be president of uruguay. Youre welcome.

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i remember incubus made some songs for halo 2, hope this turns out good.

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@Rayzakk Lol I am ok, not interested in going to youtube a video about morons who dont know who he is. Thats actually kinda sad to be uneducated like that, I dont listen to his music, but to not know who he is, and how he helped mold music is just sad. But I dont understand your point. If you put up the ratio of people who know who he is, to people who don't, your point is pointless.

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@Rayzakk Lol you really dont understand advertisement, plus when did I say you would buy a game because of him? No I said that this is publicity for the name of the game. "If your so easily interested in a game" I have no idea your point here, thats like saying if a movie makes you very interested then your easily excited!?!? I am sorry but that is a really stupid statement. People have likes/dislikes and some movies/games might make one excited, will make another not excited it only is based off your interest. And Sir Paul McCartney is of enough interest to the public to make an article about it. Hell The Beatles Rock Band sold really good! So I dont think you can sit her and tell someone it's not enough for there interest just because you dont care, cause by these comments i have read you sir are the minority.

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Paul McCartney snuffles my nards. Seriously, the Beatles SUCK.

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The Beatles was one of the best band in the history of humanity. Please go back listening to LMAO or whatever that crap group is called.

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@nurnberg @Shame-usBlackley Wait so because he doesn't like the Beatles, he has to like modern shit music? Lol nope, I don't really care for the beatles either, much like I don't care for the top 100.

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@Shame-usBlackley Well not all of the Beatles sucked but McCartney does.

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"to be delivered every other year beginning next fall"

"and these plans were only current as of the April 16, 2010, signing of the contract."

Lol I think it is safe to safe that this information is not valid, and outdated.. Beginning next fall + fall2010= Outdated information.

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Oh come on Paul, Let it be...

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"McCartney said he didn’t game himself, but was interested in the medium as a way to expose people to new music." My respect for this man just reached galactic heights! Too many famous folk feign interest in videogames these days in an embarrassing attempt to gain "street cred", it's genuinely refreshing to see some sincerity for once...

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This is insanely cool! McCartney has done movie soundtracks before, and some of his softer rock songs border on classical music. He has perhaps the best ear of any performer in our time.

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That is too cool.

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are you serious?