Paul McCartney working with Bungie

Ex-Beatles legend tweets that he's "really excited" to be writing music with Halo developers.


Sir Paul McCartney is apparently playing a part in Bungie's upcoming Destiny franchise. The former Beatles singer-songwriter posted on his Twitter account today that he's "really excited to be working on writing music with @bungie, the studio that made Halo."

McCartney posted this picture along with his Bungie tweet.
McCartney posted this picture along with his Bungie tweet.

Although Bungie hasn't officially announced its next project, the studio's contract with Activision was outed as a result of the publisher's legal fight with Jason West and Vince Zampella. The contract called for Bungie to create Destiny, a series of four "massively multiplayer-style…sci-fantasy, action shooter games," to be delivered every other year beginning next fall. In between those releases, the studio was expected to produce downloadable expansion packs under the code name "Comet."

Bungie hasn't detailed release plans or platforms for its first series for Activision, and these plans were only current as of the April 16, 2010, signing of the contract.

The 70-year-old McCartney has been involved in games before, most notably with the release of The Beatles: Rock Band. In an interview with German outlet Die Zeit earlier this year, McCartney said he didn't game himself but was interested in the medium as a way to expose people to new music.

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That picture is begging for memes!

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"Look Paul, can we get to work..". "So I put my face between her boobs like this.."

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@vishisluv7 Darth Vader "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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Next headline: "Ex-Beatles legend ultimately disappointed upon discovering he's not actually working on a Halo game."

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@ABEzilla116 Gotcha.

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@ABEzilla116 Oh right this McCartney guy sang I'm A Believer right? :)

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@vishisluv7 What,were you born yesterday?

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@vishisluv7 lol burn this guy.

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but macca is not a gamer

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@hippiesanta he is only Helping on Music Section :)

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God, its Macca himself. Bungie are too lucky to even MEET him! Either way, will be interesting.

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Activision, please remember that money can't buy you love...

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@demiath_egge yeah, but the case is not about activision, is Paul and Bungie ! and f@?k off activision

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@Maelsthur Well, Bungie works for Activision now so that's what I was referring to.

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Nice Sir McCartney, hope you do make music for them.

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When I read this article, I couldn't help but picture Bungie releasing a Beatles cover album with Master Chief as the lead singer for some reason.

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I wonder how this worked out. Considering the type of game this is may be, I'm surprised Paul Mcartney is working on something like this.

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@emperiox What does this have to do with Halo? Bungie isn't making Halo anymore...

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Okay, this is interesting. The last notable rock musicians I know of to work with video game makers are David Bowie (for Eidos' Omikron: The Nomad Soul) and Brian May (For Mirage's Rise of the Robots, though most of the music never got used in the game). To throw Sir Paul's name in there makes it even better. Makes you wonder what is in store for everyone who is interested in this game, or interested in his music.

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Paul McCartney has been credited as if not the best, one of the best song writers/composers of all time. If he is truly working with Martin O'Donnell who is also credited as being a good song composer evident through the Halo series, how is it a bad mistake combining two great composers to collaborate on something?

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@E-i-N-e I'm intrigued as to where you heard that because I certainly havent. Songwriter yes but composer, I've never heard him being regarded as one of the best.

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@kamikazeespleen I meant songwriter, no idea why I put composer, I must have been thinking of Martin O'Donnell and then combined it in with that sentence.

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@E-i-N-e Haha fair enough :p

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Uhh....OK!! "looks around like something bad just happened"

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Who is Paul McCartney?

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@vishisluv7 I think he was the lead guitarist and singer for The Doors, and later worked with The Eagles... right?

Correct me if I'm wrong..

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@ More than wrong!Sir Paul played Bass Guitar for the Beatles,then went on his own playing for "Paul McCartney & Wings". Robby Krieger played Guitar for "The Doors" & "The Eagles" never even played with Him.Yeah,I'm an Old Plugger because I saw "Paul McCartney & Wings" way back in '74.

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@timothysnorlax "That's so funny I forgot to laugh". Gilda Radner.

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@1stormbringer77 I'm pretty sure that he didn't play bass in The Beatles... That was Kurt Cobain...

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Happy Bungie day!

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OKAY! We have officially entered the twilight zone!

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Eww... This will be the cheesiest Bungie soundtrack ever.

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That's weird...

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this is just going to make the game ______________ that much better.

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How awesome would it be if it was about clubbing seals.

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marty o'donnell & paul mccartney = epic music

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@1337hackz Get a load of this guy! If you're going run your mouth, at least try to make sense.

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Yeah it's not essay material but it is not hard to understand. The points I was making was Paul needed money because he is in dire need of money after his divorce. My second point was that he is a douchebag because he went to the White House and disrespected the former president of the U.S. in front of Obama. Even Obama was shaking his head. My third point was that Bungie are a bunch of sellouts because they went to Activision . They could have stopped Halo 4 if the made Destiny with MS. Instead they sold out their franchise and half assed REACH so they could be slaves to Activison and make more money. @chaosmonkeys

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Good job Paul stick to your music and stay out of the activist scene you pop into due to the millionaire boredom syndrome.

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I hope Sir McCartney will make some good music.

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I wish Bungie would buy back the rights to the Myth franchise and make a new one for pc :(, best RTS game ever and they just abandoned it.

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@Stiler I doubt there are many people who worked on the Myth series still on their payroll. Most of the people working for Bungie nowadays have only ever really worked on first person shooters.

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:D:D:D halo ? omfg , i remeber this crap game, i cant believe how poor mccartney become to join this , bums

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@666NightsInHell Trollololol

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@666NightsInHell Yeah, someone hasn;t been following the gaming press for like 3 years have they.

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Whatever Bungie makes I'll buy it day one.

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as much as i like hans zimmer i think its enough with the same kind of music that hans writes, its always the slow-starting song with a crescendo in the middle then the the accelerando and the PUUUUAAAANNN. i think clint mensell is a better pick for halo music

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@dawil123 far as I know Hans Zimmer has never worked with Bungie, your confusing him with Bungie's in house musician....Martin O'Donnel.

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Paul McCartney created the original "Live and Let Die" song that Guns'n'Roses covered. The song is pretty epic. So he could do a good job.