Paul McCartney working with Bungie

Ex-Beatles legend tweets that he's "really excited" to be writing music with Halo developers.


Sir Paul McCartney is apparently playing a part in Bungie's upcoming Destiny franchise. The former Beatles singer-songwriter posted on his Twitter account today that he's "really excited to be working on writing music with @bungie, the studio that made Halo."

McCartney posted this picture along with his Bungie tweet.
McCartney posted this picture along with his Bungie tweet.

Although Bungie hasn't officially announced its next project, the studio's contract with Activision was outed as a result of the publisher's legal fight with Jason West and Vince Zampella. The contract called for Bungie to create Destiny, a series of four "massively multiplayer-style…sci-fantasy, action shooter games," to be delivered every other year beginning next fall. In between those releases, the studio was expected to produce downloadable expansion packs under the code name "Comet."

Bungie hasn't detailed release plans or platforms for its first series for Activision, and these plans were only current as of the April 16, 2010, signing of the contract.

The 70-year-old McCartney has been involved in games before, most notably with the release of The Beatles: Rock Band. In an interview with German outlet Die Zeit earlier this year, McCartney said he didn't game himself but was interested in the medium as a way to expose people to new music.

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I liked the beatles, but Paul McCartney hasn't exactly released any gold material in the past several decades, Paul McCartney is famous these days not for the music he's churning out, but for being Paul McCartney, I dunno, I think they coulda found a better match with a much cheaper price tag, that's just my 2 cents though.

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Wow maybe a bit over exaggerated when you said no gold material last several decades. Memory Almost Full released in 2007 hit gold, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard released in 2005 hit gold. Flaming Pie released 1997 hit gold, as well as albums in the 80s such as Flowers in the Dirt, Pipes of Peace, Tug of War and McCartney 2. lol He almost always hits gold dude! :)

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@Hockenberry As much as I love McCartney, these songs may have charted well, but most people couldn't hum a single one of them.

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@Hockenberry Fact: If you hum Skrillex, someone WILL call the paramedics for what they perceive to be a seizure.

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I know, these days kids can only hum to Lady Ga Ga, or can't hum at all cus they are listening to Dubstep!

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This is just a stepping stone before he starts production on the new Leisure Suit Larry.

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awesome! #Bungie moving along in the right direction again.

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Well, Bungie's future title is going to have some good music, at least. Not sure if it's worth the price tag to hire him, though. I generally feel this way any time a dev/publisher hires a big name entertainer (actor, singer, whatever) to do voice acting, music, etc. While the quality may be there, not sure if the price is compared to what else is out there. Then again, they're probably paying for the marketable aspect of being able to throw a big name out there to go with the game.

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While I appreciate the talent of McCartney, I hope he is doing this on the cheap, rather than absorbing a large percentage of the game's budget.

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Let it be... Let it be...

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Wow. Well this isn't something I would have imagined but it is pretty awesome news nonetheless. Now I just wish they'd hurry up and reveal the game already, I really want to know what it is.

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I'm sure all the Bungie fans over the age of 45 will be pleased as punch!

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P.S. If I have to name something bad on here, I think Bungie making the wrong decision on the games making them Massively Multiplayer Online games. I dont really play them but as long as there is a single player campaign on there, I will defintley buy them!

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Holy crap! I couldn't believe how many negative comments I am seeing about Paul McCartney! I thought this was great news, do you guys even know who Paul McCartney is? Everyone is using examples of songs from the Beatles like "When I'm Sixty Four" are you serious? I can tell that most of the people that have an account on here are more gamers than music fans. I am a diehard Paul McCartney fan so I know alot about him. He can write amazing scores. He did 5 Classical Albums in his career and thats not even including the movie soundtrack he did in the 1960s. His most recent classical album called "The Ocean's Kingdom" hit number 1 in the Classical music charts. I dont think you guys are giving him a chance. To me, Paul McCartney, I know he isn't doing this for the money, he is doing this for something different. He wanted to find something different for years and he does it. I think Bungie found the right guy for the next games!

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@Hockenberry We all know Ringo was the creative engine of the Beatles! Paul and John rode Ringo's coattails!

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I'll give him a chance...but he ain't no Jermey Soule.

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Oh... my lord....


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People are acting like he can't write music for a video game. He wrote an award winning soundtrack for a movie while he was with the Beatles. And it was a score not regular music. If he can write the score of a movie, he can probably write the score of a video game

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Hey Paul,

don't make it bad.

Take a sad song and make it better.

Remember to let Marty into your music, then you can start to make it better.

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He's the completely wrong fit for this.

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I'd buy the soundtrack if it's good.

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What can you say? It's Paul's Density...I mean Destiny.

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As if he doesn't have anything better to do but hey, what people won't do for money. I guess we can expect Paul McCartney/Halo 4 OST at some point featuring songs like "When I'm Sixty-Four". I guess now we all know what that songs means. Maybe Bungie will consider hiring Michael Jackson next time....oh wait.....

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thats badass , i look forward to this game even more so.

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@shanethewolf Paul McCartney is a living legend in the music industry, not some no talent celebrity trying to keep their name in the public eye. He doesn't need that. As a singer/songwriter myself, I take issue with your statement. I don't feel someone like Paul McCartney pushes anyone out. He got where he is because he's great at what he does. If it means I get to hear great music in a video game, more power to him

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Indeed but the cheque Bungie is writing must be off the charts for his services.

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I hope Bungie doesn't end up with legal troubles with those Asshol*s at Activision.

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I need somebody


Not just anybody


I need someone


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@TheArcade That song will alert you when your health is low.

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Sergent Pepper liked this comment.

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This just screams Fallout New Vegas to me. "His name was Johnny..." that's exactly what Paul will be doing.

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I'm sick of celebrities getting involved where they're not needed. There are so many talented and more suitable musicians just waiting for their break, but are getting pushed out so someone can put a celebrity name on their product.

The same has happened in the animation industry with Disney employing famous voice actors and musicians, and it just ends up feeling like another clone off the production line, instead of the mysterious fantasies they used to create.

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@shanethewolf well i think Paul McCartney has a great ear for music thats why they have him on the team, it also does create some publicity for the game. But it is more than just the name since McCartney has a great ear for making music seeing what he did with the Beatles and post-Beatles...

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@shanethewolf Man I want that thumbs down option again, this guy obviously has no idea who Paul McCartney is and what he has done for/in the music industry.

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@Bartz77 Of course I know who he is. He's good in his field (although way overrated in my personal opinion), but has never proven himself at making good soundtracks.

It seems to me that Bungie just want to put his name to the game and ride on the back of his celebrity status, when some lesser known musician would be way better suited to the job.

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@Bartz77 I've had a listen to some of those "soundtracks" he's done and it just sounds like his typical Beatles stuff. This just asserts my theory that the game will be adapted to fit his music (and his celebrity name), rather than his music being adapted to the game.

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One of which reached #1 on the charts when it released, while another won an award. Also if you look a little above those three, you can see the several classical CD's he has made, so he has plenty of experience with this type of music. And who is to say who is better suited for the job, all we know is that the game is Science fiction and an MMO.

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@shanethewolf That's assuming a lot about Paul. Let's wait and see what he does. If he truly does produce what you call a "clone," then he'd be half-assing his job here. I'd like to believe that he will produce something unique.

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As I think we ALL can agree, this is cool.

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@AntiH3ro97 i think we can ALL agree, we don't give a shit.

better give a chance to a talented young artist

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@Dragdar @AntiH3ro97 There's a problem with some of the ..erg..talented young artists.Bieber isn't what many would call talented.He's just young,cute & can carry a tune.Other than that,he's just a heart throb for the little girls today.

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The fact that Paul is working on the music for Destiny reveals something about it. Obviously he's not going to be making electronic music. I can imagine happy and calm acoustic tracks that add a human element. In combination with a beautiful, presumably sci-fi/space environment, that would be really interesting.

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Awesome, a 60's theme first person shooter! Maybe Bungie is the new name of No One Lives Forever 3

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This is great if you're playing Halo after a hard day's night.

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I can just imagine the music playing when i get to bottom of a slide and i go back to the top,lol

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Too many people living underground too many people want a piece of Quake.

That was your first mistake you take a lucky break and give into Halo WTF?

and Bungie?

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Will epsiode one of Destiny be titled "Live and Let Die"? :)

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@MrDouglas I hope so too....but too bad its copyrighted ='(

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@MrDouglas I hope so dude