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Path Of Exile Mobile Game Announced With Funny Reveal Trailer

Path of Exile is expanding.


Path of Exile is coming to mobile devices. This morning at ExileCon, Grinding Gear CEO Chris Wilson announced that the popular free-to-play title is coming to smartphones featuring what is described as a fair monetization strategy. Wilson also pointed out that Grinding Gear is developing the title in-house as opposed to shipping it off to a different studio to handle it.

Before you get too excited, however, Wilson cautioned that Path of Exile mobile is only an "experimental" title. Development will continue--or not--based on fan feedback.

Wilson used his keynote address to make a little jab at Blizzard over its own mobile game reveal. He said he's happy that Grinding Gear announced Path of Exile 2 before revealing Path of Exile Mobile in what was surely a reference to how Blizzard angered fans by announcing Diablo Immortal before Diablo IV.

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Disclosure: Grinding Gear Games is paying for GameSpot's flight and accommodation in Auckland, New Zealand to attend ExileCon.

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