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Path Of Exile Devs Planning Four Expansions For 2020 Despite Sequel Development

The first one will be announced in late February.


Path of Exile developers Grinding Gear recently announced a sequel, Path of Exile 2, but that does not seem to have slowed down work on the original at all.

Grinding Gears has announced their 2020 roadmap for Path of Exile, and it's a busy one. The plan is to keep up the usual quarter schedule for expansions throughout the year, releasing four expansions--versions 3.10.0 through to 3.13.0--throughout the year. 3.10.0 will "probably be announced in late February," the roadmap states.

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"The timing of the expansions may vary by a week or two from last year's ones, as we work around various holidays/events and make sure that the bigger ones have enough time to be fully tested," they state.

The team is also working on 4.0.0, and the team is expecting to be able to show "significantly new content" around the middle of the year, potentially by E3. A public beta could run in late 2020. The console team is being expanded as well so that console updates can be pushed faster, and work on Path of Exile Mobile is continuing, based on feedback received at ExileCon 2019.

Path of Exile 2 will include the original game's campaign when it releases, which might be why the developers continue to expand it. The sequel might come to PS5 and Xbox Series X as well as PC. For more, check out our interview with Grinding Gear founder Chris Wilson.

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