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Path Of Exile 2 Gets New Trailer After Two Years, More Details Coming Soon

Fans will get to learn more about the sequel to Grinding Gear Game's popular ARPG in July.


Path of Exile 2 looks to be shaping up nicely, as a new gameplay trailer for the ambitious ARPG sequel made its debut as part of Summer Game Fest.

The trailer, which is the first new footage of the game shared in over two years, showed a sorceress-type character blasting hordes of foes with her lightning and cold-based abilities. Path of Exile 2 was originally announced in 2019, when gameplay was shown for the first time.

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Path of Exile 2 will introduce a new story campaign alongside an overhaul of the original Path of Exile's engine and gameplay. However, Path of Exile 2 won't replace the original game, and will share endgame systems and operate on the same game client. Players will be able to choose whether they want to level through the game's original campaign or the campaign of Path of Exile 2 when making new characters.

More details about Path of Exile 2, including the release date for its beta, will be coming on July 28 as part of developer Grinding Gear Games' ExileCon fan convention.

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