Patch Coming to Address Ori and the Blind Forest Crashes

Xbox One players report intermittent freezing, as well as crashes when system multi-tasks with other apps.

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Microsoft and developer Moon Studios are working on supplying a patch update for its critically acclaimed Metroidvania title, Ori and the Blind Forest.

Just hours after the game shipped on Xbox One on Wednesday, players posted messages on a number of forums, such as GameFAQs, to report technical problems. As well as intermittent screen freezes interrupting the game, user reports suggest that screen blackouts also occur when the Xbox One multi-tasks the game with another app.

A Kotaku reporter went into detail on the nature of the problem:

"Three or four times, the game simply wouldn't display properly whenever I tried to open it again from my Xbox One dashboard after switching over to something else—showing static or simply an all-white or all-black screen that would intermittently switch over to the game."

In some instances, uninstalling and reinstalling the 7GB game was cited as a solution to overcome this bug, though Microsoft says this is not necessary.

A patch update to resolve these issues is now being coded. Microsoft said: "We have identified a conflict between Ori and the Blind Forest and the Xbox One's instant-on feature. We are working to resolve the conflict in an upcoming update. In the meantime, we recommend players fully quit out of the game and restart, rather than resuming their game quickly. There is no need to uninstall and reinstall the game."

Ori and the Blind Forest has garnered near-unanimous praise from critics.

GameSpot's Ori and the Blind Forest Review hailed it as a "rapturous platformer that is as fun as it is beautiful". The video review can be watched above. A review roundup can be found here.

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