Patapon marching in February

Rhythm-based action game from the studio behind LocoRoco charging onto North American PSPs in early 2008.


One of the zanier games to come out last year has been LocoRoco, a platformer for Sony's PlayStation Portable that features a docile and sublimely happy blob. At this year's Tokyo Game Show, Sony's Japanese studio behind LocoRoco took the wraps off of its most recent mind-bending project, Patapon. Although the rhythm-based action game had thus far been confirmed only for Japanese PSP owners, Sony has now announced that Patapon will see release in North America in February 2008.

Patapons, attack!
Patapons, attack!

As detailed in GameSpot's preview from TGS '07, Patapon employs rhythm-based button presses to command an army of soldiers--called patapons--that are equal parts barbaric and bizarre. According to Sony, the game's unique art style and abstract environments were inspired by French artist Rolito, who served as chief artist on the game.

Patapon features more than 30 missions spread across 20 different 2D environments. Adding a layer of depth beyond simple rhythmic button presses, patapons come in a variety of specializations and can be upgraded with more than 100 different weapon and shield combinations.

Available exclusively on the PSP, Patapon has not yet been rated or priced. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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