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Parts of Mass Effect 3 DLC already on disc - EA

Publisher says "certain framework elements" of From Ashes content needed to be on disc to ensure "seamless" integration of new character.


BioWare has admitted that pieces of the From Ashes downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 are already on copies of the just-released action role-playing game.

Mass Effect 3's first DLC is already (partially) on disc.
Mass Effect 3's first DLC is already (partially) on disc.

In response to a user video showing that PC players could unlock the DLC's new character without a download, BioWare issued a statement to the GameStop-owned Game Informer magazine. The same statement was sent to GameSpot.

"As stated previously, in order to seamlessly integrate Javik into the core campaign, certain framework elements and character models needed to be put on disc," reads the statement. "We did something similar with Zaeed and Kasumi in Mass Effect 2."

It was not made clear if the parts of the From Ashes content are included only on the PC version of Mass Effect 3 or if PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 copies also host the content. As of press time, Electronic Arts had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment.

Last month, Mass Effect 3 executive producer Casey Hudson defended the timing of the From Ashes day-one DLC for the spacefaring role-playing game. He said development on the content did not begin until after the game was finished and in certification.

The From Ashes content is included with the collector's edition of Mass Effect 3 and is available for purchase. It includes a Prothean squadmate (Javik), a mission on Eden Prime, a new weapon, and an alternate appearance option for every team member.

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