Part Time UFO, A Brilliant Mobile Game From Kirby's Creator, Is Out Now On Switch

You play as Jobski, a UFO that performs odd jobs.


During Nintendo's most recent Direct Mini presentation, a new game dropped on the Switch Eshop--well, kind of. The game, Part Time UFO, was released on mobile in 2018--but the Switch version comes with various new features.

Part Time UFO, from Kirby developer HAL Laboratory, casts players as Jobski, a sentient UFO catcher who just wants to help out. Each level in the game features different objectives to complete, and as you progress you unlock money that can be spent on perks to improve your performance.

This Switch version has a co-op feature, letting you play levels with a friend, as well as a new, more difficult set of levels after the main campaign is done.

Watch the trailer below, but beware--the game's theme song is a real earworm.

You'll notice a little cameo from some Kirby characters in the trailer, so there could potentially be some other Nintendo-specific content in the game.

Back in 2018, Part Time UFO was one of GameSpot's five mobile games of the year. It was described as "exactly the kind of charming game you'd expect from HAL Laboratory: easy to pick up, devilishly difficult to put down."

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