Park 'Squirtle' Hyun Woo wins Dailymotion Cup 2013

The Dailymotion Cup's finals took place earlier today and the victor was none other than the LG-IM protoss Squirtle.


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The online tournament Dailymotion Cup 2013 gave us a very story driven final as two sides of the proverbial protoss coin faced each other in the finals. On one hand, we have Kang 'San' Cho Won who's been edging all the closer to his first major victory in SC2 throughout all of 2013. On the other side, we had the GSL-finalist Park 'Squirtle' Hyun Woo who's been looking to reclaim the glory of his former self.

It would prove that the old dog had a few new tricks to show the youngster and eliminated San with a flawless 4-0, a rather anti-climactic ending to a tournament that's been riddled with storylines and upsets such as San beating both Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong and Lee 'INnoVation' Shin Hyun throughout the tournament's duration.

Squirtle will be more than happy with the outcome however, after a very lacklustre 2013 in comparison to his incredible 2012 one can imagine that trumping the wildcard of one of the last, big, online competitions must account for something.

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