Pariah E3 2004 First Look

Digital Extremes' upcoming first-person shooter will be on hand at E3 2004.


Canadian developer Digital Extremes will bring its upcoming PC and Xbox first-person shooter Pariah to E3 2004. Digital Extremes has previously been a collaborator with Epic Games, and has coproduced the popular shooters Unreal Tournament, Unreal Tournament 2003, and Unreal Tournament 2004. The studio's next game will be powered by a heavily modified version of Unreal technology with help from the Havok physics engine.

Pariah will take place in a far-flung, sci-fi future where you play as Dr. Jack Mason, a world-weary physician who has all but given up on life until he and an infected patient crash-land on Earth--though this Earth is an extremely hostile prison planet. To make matters worse, Mason learns that in just 16 hours, an orbiting satellite will blast the surface of the planet to eliminate all disease and contamination on it. Mason must somehow make his way off the planet while battling enemies that will exhibit squad-based artificial intelligence. He will be able to use a variety of different weapons that he can customize and upgrade using "weapon energy cores" that he'll find along the way. The game will also feature drivable vehicles and multiplayer options.

Pariah is scheduled for release next year.

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