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Groove Games will ship Digital Extremes' first-person shooter on May 3 for the Xbox and PC.


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Hot on the heels of its joint announcement with Hip Interactive that Playboy: The Mansion has shipped, Toronto-based publisher Groove Games has dated Pariah. Developed by Digital Extremes, developer of Unreal Tournament 2003, the first-person shooter will arrive on May 3 for the Xbox and PC. (While the game has also been announced for the PlayStation 2, that version has yet to receive concept approval from SCEA.)

Set in 2520, Pariah begins with hero Dr. Jack Mason and one of his patients crash-landing on Earth. While this would normally be a best-case scenario for a space traveler, in this future Earth has been transformed into a none-too-welcoming prison planet. To make matters worse, Mason learns that in just 16 hours, an orbiting satellite will blast the surface of the planet to eliminate all disease and contamination on it.

To escape, Mason must battle enemies sporting squad-based AI using a variety of upgradable weapons. Pariah will also feature drivable vehicles and on- and offline multiplayer options. Both the PC and Xbox versions of the game will have a built-in level editor that lets you create custom levels and share them with other players online, something rare for a console game.

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