Paramount signs up to UK's Xbox Live Video Marketplace

Microsoft announces second movie partnership; movies such as <em>1408</em> and <em>Disturbia</em> available in "spring."


When Microsoft announced the Xbox Live Video Marketplace for the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, and Canada in December, the choice of rental movies for Live subscribers in those regions was limited to those supplied by Warner Bros. Microsoft UK's Steven McGill told GameSpot at the launch event "it would be safe to say that we're talking to a lot of people," and those talks now appear to have come to fruition.

Microsoft UK confirmed today that its latest movie partner is Paramount Pictures, which is extending the contract it already has with Microsoft in the US to roll out movies to Live users in the UK. Prices will start at 250 Microsoft Points (around £2) for standard-definition films and 380 Points (around £3) for high-definition content. Once downloaded, the movies will cease to be viewable 14 days after the initial purchase.

Approximately 19 Paramount movies will be available on the UK service "this spring," including Into the Wild, 1408, A Mighty Heart, and Hot Rod. Transformers will be available on Xbox Live in the UK from Tuesday, February 19. Robin Burrowes, Xbox LIVE marketing manager UK, said at the announcement that the deal with Paramount was the "natural next step" for the UK. Burrowes also said that he was excited to be able to "tap into the incredible wealth of [Paramount's] portfolio."

Microsoft also announced today that new films from Warner Bros. would be arriving on the UK Video Marketplace services this spring. They include The Assassination of Jesse James, Beowulf, and Nancy Drew.

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