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Paragon's Latest Update Out Now, Dramatically Overhauls Hero Ability System

Adding a hero, rebalancing the game, and more.


Paragon, Epic Games' PS4 and PC MOBA, gets very frequent updates from the developer, but today's patch is particularly notable. Called The New Dawn, it significantly alters core gameplay mechanics and also includes some important balance changes.

It's a pretty big revamp to a game that's already received a couple of substantial overhauls since its early access release. Epic has not been afraid to upend or redo any part of the game, and The New Dawn is no different.

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The patch is highlighted by a sweeping change to the hero build system. There are 100 new ability cards, and heroes also now have a gem system that allows you to augment stats and earn other abilities.

In addition, the game has been made much faster. Attacks have been sped up and cooldown timers have been decreased for all heroes. The patch's webpage shows an example of the faster attacks, and it looks like a pretty dramatic increase.

Epic also states that "the entire gameplay balance has been rebuilt from the ground up," meaning that there are entirely new baseline stats for heroes. Other changes include tweaks to Critical Strike, mana regeneration, and armor damage.

The New Dawn is currently in beta right now, but anyone can try it for free through Epic's test servers. You can read more about the new update, including its full patch notes, over at Paragon's website. There are a lot more bug fixes and balance updates included in the patch, all of which are detailed in the notes. You can also check out The New Dawn's trailer in the embed above.

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