Papers, Please Is Coming To Mobile Devices Very Soon

Arstotzka so great, passport not required.


Indie hit Papers, Please will be coming to mobile devices on August 5, creator Lucas Pope has announced. The game appears to be optimized for the vertical format of iOS and Android smartphones and each version will have mobile achievements. According to Pope, this will be a standalone release and not part of a subscription service like Netflix, which recently offered subscribers an updated version of Into the Breach.

Other tweaks Pope mentioned include adjusted timers and only one booth upgrade, as well as confirmation that a VR version of the game is unlikely.

In case you never played it when it first launched almost a decade ago, Papers, Please puts you in the booth of a new government border control agent of the fictional country of Arstotzka, who is tasked with ensuring that only approved citizens from neighboring countries are allowed entry.

The game gets more challenging as it progresses as not only do you have to keep an eye out for fake passports, but you also have to wrestle with your own morality when desperate and needy people beg you to allow them into the country. The more ruthless and pedantic you are when it comes to checking passports, the more successful you'll be if you can live with the guilt of denying entry to refugees and asylum seekers so that you can support your family.

Papers, Please was originally released for PC in August 2013, arrived on iPad a year later (that iOS version will be replaced by the new smartphone version), and eventually landed on the PS Vita in December 2017.

"Compared to the power fantasies we often experience in games, Papers, Please strips you of just about any sense of control you might expect to have," Britton Peele wrote in GameSpot's Papers, Please review. "By making the stakes high and incredibly personal, Papers, Please makes you care about virtual paperwork more than you ever have before."

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