Papa & Yo sales on PS3 didn't cover development costs

Creator Vander Caballero thinks upcoming Steam release will enable the game to make money.


Indie title Papo & Yo's sales on the PlayStation 3 did not cover the game's development costs, creator Vander Caballero has said.

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Speaking to Joystiq, Caballero said that the game has not quite recouped its development costs despite "good" sales on PlayStation Network since its launch in August 2012.

"Despite the good sales, the cost of the game has to be covered," said Caballero, who added that the upcoming Steam release will tip the game into profitability. "We have covered already parts of the cost of the game, but when it comes out on Steam, we'll make money. Then we'll cover the whole cost of the game."

In February, Journey creator Jenova Chen said that development of the PlayStation 3 exclusive bankrupted the company and that financial success required more than a release on the PlayStation platform.

"I think to have a financial success, that is going to change everyone, it has to be much bigger than a game on the PlayStation platform," said Chen at the time.

Papa & Yo will launch on April 18 for Steam. The PlayStation 3 version of the game was awarded a 7.5 from GameSpot last August.

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