Panzer Dragoon Remake Patch 1.3 Brings Multiple Huge Improvements To Switch Game

The Panzer Dragoon remake launched on the Switch missing some features, but the latest update has changed that.


Panzer Dragoon, the Switch remake of Sega's 1995 classic, launched in March, but it was missing several features. Now, the game has received a new patch with update 1.3, which adds numerous new features and improvements. It's a substantial update.

The patch is detailed in the video below, but the Panzer Dragoon Twitter account also listed out the improvements, which we've listed. The most exciting are the newly added Episode 0 (a sort-of endless mode), gyroscope controls, and a 60FPS "performance" mode.

Here's everything in the patch:


  • Episode 0
  • Super Weapon Mode
  • New gameplay options: rumble, classic reticle, auto-aim zoom, HUD toggle, performance mode (60FPS)
  • Cheatcodes in the main menu allowing the player to cheat in a campaign (god mode, infinite credits, super weapon mode)
  • Gyroscope controls


  • SFX system and sounds rework
  • Multi-button fire (A and B)
  • Input lag removed from all actions
  • Camera rotation speed increased
  • Easier and more responsive targeting system
  • Full options access trough pause menu
  • Blue Dragon motion re-work
  • Start language based on console account language
  • New, reworked Pandora's Box is now available after beating the game at any difficulty

You can also get a 20% discount on the game right now, as long as you own another game from the publisher. It's not exactly a list of prestigious titles (I have over 150 games on my Switch and do not qualify for the discount), but owners of, say, Bad Dream: Coma or Thief Simulator are in luck.

Panzer Dragoon will also come to PC and Stadia at a later date.

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