Pandora Tomorrow Xbox Live bug discovered

UPDATE: The Xbox version of Ubisoft's stealth-action sequel contains a crash bug in its online multiplayer mode. Ubisoft responds.


Some gamers who acquired the Xbox version of Ubisoft's newly-released Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow came across an alarming surprise when they attempted to use the game's online multiplayer features. Specifically, after logging onto Xbox Live and selecting the "optimatch" function, players discovered that waiting for more than about 10 seconds on the optimatch results screen causes the game to freeze indefinitely.

GameSpot has been able to consistently duplicate this bug using a retail copy of the game. When contacted for comment about the issue, an Ubisoft representative had the following to say: "Ubisoft is aware of the problem, and we are looking into it now. We hope to address it quickly--however, we are pleased to report that the bug does not prevent players from playing online, and it does not occur during gameplay. Therefore we expect that players will still enjoy playing Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow while we look into resolving this issue."

Though the bug hinders players attempting to use the optimatch option, they can still readily play the game online using the quick match mode. GameSpot will have more on this story as it becomes available.

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