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Palworld Type Chart And All Pal Weaknesses

Brush up on your Pal knowledge and enter every fight with an advantage.


Knowing Palworld's Pal strengths and weaknesses is key to getting through some of the tougher fights in Pocketpair’s monster-catching game, but there’s no actual Palworld type chart in Palworld itself. Like in Pokemon, having a type advantage makes tough battles a little easier, so if you can, it's always a good idea to pick the right type before starting a battle.

Our Palworld type chart and Pal strengths and weaknesses overview lays out how type advantages work in Pocketpair's new hit game.

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Palworld type strengths and weaknesses explained

Pal type strengths and weaknesses will look pretty familiar if you’ve played Pokemon at any point in the last two decades, though there is one important difference. Where nearly every Pokemon type has at least two strengths and two weaknesses, Pal’s don’t. Every Pal type is strong against just one other Pal type and weak against just one other Pal type.

Some Pals are dual type, just like in Pokemon, so bear that in mind when deciding which of your monstrous friends will fare best in a battle. The one exception to this rule is Fire, which is strong against Ice and Grass Pals, though it’s only weak to one type.

While we don’t have specific numbers yet, from our testing, it looks like type advantages follow similar structures as they do in Pokemon. A Pal does double damage if it has a type advantage and half the damage if it has a disadvantage.

Palworld type chart

Neutral definitely gets the short end of the stick.
Neutral definitely gets the short end of the stick.

Here’s a breakdown of how it all works.

Water Pals

  • Strong against: Fire
  • Weak against: Electric

Fire Pals

  • Strong against: Ice, Grass
  • Weak against: Water

Grass Pals

  • Strong against: Ground
  • Weak against: Fire

Ground Pals

  • Strong against: Electric
  • Weak against: Grass

Electric Pals

  • Strong against: Water
  • Weak against: Ground

Ice Pals

  • Strong against: Dragon
  • Weak against: Fire

Dragon Pals

  • Strong against: Dark
  • Weak against: Ice

Dark Pals

  • Strong against: Neutral
  • Weak against: Dragon

Neutral Pals

  • Strong against: Nothing
  • Weak against: Dark

Neutral Pals like Lamball aren’t the greatest if you need a type advantage, or, really, in combat generally. They’re better suited for light work around your base. Otherwise, make sure your party is well-rounded when you’re out exploring, so you can meet any challenge that you come across.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.

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