Palworld Trailer Shows More Exploration, Overwhelming Firepower In The Pokemon-With-Guns Game

Gotta attack 'em all.


A new trailer for Palworld has been released online, showing more of the game's colorful world, Pokemon-inspired creatures, and how you can use a sawed-off shotgun to subdue them.

Described as a multiplayer game with survival-crafting mechanics in a vast world, the new trailer showcases a quick look at how you'll explore the land, use your Pals to build structures for you, and how to make wild Pals faint with an arrow to the head--possibly permanently.

Once you've captured a Pal, you can put them into indentured servitude where they'll happily--on the outside--build structures for you, or you can lock them in a factory where they'll spend the rest of their days on an assembly line putting automatic assault rifles together.

Palworld's developer PocketPair still hasn't revealed a release date yet for the Pokemon With Guns game, but according to its Steam page, it'll be out sometime in 2022.

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