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Palworld Reaches 25 Million Players In One Month

The Pokemon-inspired survival game continues to soar.


Palworld has been on the market for about one month, and in that time, it's reached a massive 25 million players, developer Pocketpair has announced.

This includes 15 million copies sold on Steam and 10 million players on Xbox. On Xbox, the game is available through Xbox Game Pass, so it hasn't necessarily sold that many units. The number of PC Game Pass players was not mentioned, so this figure might be lumped in with Xbox.

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Palworld launched on January 19 and became a quick success, surpassing an astonishing 2 million concurrent players on Steam alone, the second highest peak ever. The game remains in an unfinished state via Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview. As such, players should expect issues and other oddities before the game reaches its 1.0 state, and there is no word on when that might be.

"The team will continue to address issues such as bugs and implement new in-game features while working towards the official release," Pocketpair said in a note.

Palworld is not available on Nintendo Switch or PlayStation 5. Pocketpair has said it's possible Palworld could at some point come to PlayStation 5, but there is no word yet on a potential release for the Switch.

The game is inspired by Pokemon, and its massive success led The Pokemon Company to announce in January that it was investigating Palworld. The game also faced accusations of plagiarism. People sent death threats to the game's developers over this, prompting the studio's CEO to ask people to stop harassing the team's workers.

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