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Palworld - How To Find And Beat The Rayne Syndicate's Tower Boss

Bring down this particular opponent in Palworld.


Palworld presents numerous challenges that you need to tackle as you progress further into its sandbox campaign. One, in particular, serves as the conclusion of the game's tutorial stage. Here's our guide on how to find and beat the Rayne Syndicate's Tower boss in Palworld. This particular battle pits you against Zoey and Grizzbolt.

How to find and beat the Rayne Syndicate's Tower boss in Palworld

The Palworld Rayne Syndicate's Tower boss is located due northwest of your starting location. The coordinates are X: 107, Y: -437.

If you're just starting out, look northeast and you'll see a lone structure with a high-tech design in the distance. Its eerie bluish light is also visible even when it's late at night.

The Rayne Syndicate's Tower can be seen in the distance (left). You can also check the world map (right) while you keep heading northwest.

How to get ready for the Rayne Syndicate's Tower boss

If you want to beat the Rayne Syndicate's Tower boss in Palworld, you'll need to be well-prepared for the battle:

  • We were around level 17 when we attempted this fight.
  • Take note that there's a 10-minute time limit. You have to defeat the boss before the time expires, or you'll fail the challenge.
  • We suggest catching additional Pals, such as Nitewing and Dinossom.
  • You'll also want to get a base up and running. This is so you can have a steady stream of materials and for you to craft better gear. Early-game weapons, like the Old Bow and Stone Spear, are still viable.
  • Although you can move your base in Palworld, the clearing just before the tower has a fast travel point already. As such, you can simply teleport there once you've tagged the location.
Our Nitewing carried the day.
Our Nitewing carried the day.

The best Pals to use against Zoey and Grizzbolt

The Palworld Rayne's Syndicate Tower boss battle has you facing off against a trainer named Zoey and a Pal named Grizzbolt. Grizzbolt is an electric type creature, and they have a whopping 30,550 HP. That seems like a daunting amount, until you realize that certain Pals deal decent damage, too.

Still, you do need to watch out for Grizzbolt's abilities. These include a multi-hit punch combo, flinging several orbs in a frontal arc, and a pin-point blast denoted by a crosshair and beam that you must avoid at all costs. Moreover, the electric attacks can also cause the stun effect, preventing you or your Pal from acting for several seconds.

For this fight, we found that our Nitewing did decently, thanks to their fast attacks, flying rush, and multi-hit projectiles. Conversely, our Relaxauruses (i.e. water type Pals) did so terribly that they got incapacitated within a few seconds. Our Lamball, which we forgot to replace, barely did anything since the poor bag of fluff got stunned often. Most surprisingly, our Cattiva managed to hold their own during the later stages of the fight.

Both the Relaxaurus (left) and Lamball (right) performed terribly in this encounter.

In any case, once you've beaten Zoey and Grizzbolt, you'll receive +5 Ancient Technology Points. Likewise, you'll get teleported to the top of the pillar, which also happens to have a fast travel point.

This is how you beat the Rayne Syndicate's Tower boss in Palworld. As an aside, you can fight this battle again if you feel like it. However, there's currently no way for you to capture a Grizzbolt during this specific encounter.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.

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