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Palworld - How To Start Sakurajima DLC

The Sakurajima update in Palworld introduces a slew of new content, but how do you actually start the DLC?


The first major expansion in Palworld has finally arrived in the form of the Sakurajima DLC. This update delivers a new island, dozens of Pals, and five extra levels to grind through in the Technology menu. While you can experience some of this content from the moment you boot up an old save, most of the DLC requires you to visit a specific location on the map.

Below, you can see exactly where to go to start the Sakurajima DLC in Palworld.

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Finding the Sakurajima Island in Palworld

As you might expect, a majority of the new content in the DLC resides on the new Sakurajima Island. This island isn't on a separate map from the original island, but you won't be able to see it right when you load up an old or new save. Instead, you need to discover the island and uncover its surroundings like you did with the original Palpagos Islands map.

Sakurajima Island is located on the northwestern side of the existing map. The island is situated just north of Icy Wind Island and Forgotten Island and to the southwest of the Astral Mountains. When you first load in after downloading the Sakurajima DLC, you'll just see a sea of blacked-out map. If you keep traveling into the blacked-out part of the map, Sakurajima Island makes itself visible quickly.

The location of Sakurajima Island.
The location of Sakurajima Island.

Level Requirement for the Sakurajima DLC

Of course, just because you can visit the new island whenever you want doesn't necessarily mean you should. The developers at PocketPair have made a conscious decision to make the Sakurajima DLC a part of the endgame content in Palworld. This means lower-level players won't be able to visit the island without being severely overmatched by the Pals that call the location home.

In my experience, the lowest levels Pals on Sakurajima Island are roughly level 42-43. There aren't too many Pals in the lower 40s, though, as most of them are in the mid-upper 40s in the early parts of the island. As you continue and explore deeper and deeper, the Pals' levels increase to 50 and above. While many of the Pals on Sakurajima Island don't pose a massive threat, they are definitely strong enough to wipe out your entire party if you're not at the right level.

The new region in Palworld is not friendly to new players.
The new region in Palworld is not friendly to new players.

The real trouble you'll face on Sakurajima Island is human NPCs. A new group inhabits the island, which consists of level 45 NPCs, and they quickly eliminated a level 51 Jettragon, Blazamut, and Orserk in a matter of seconds. While some Pals can certainly cause you issues, these new NPCs are what you truly need to look out for, especially if you're not level 50 yet.

Once you've reached the right level and you're ready to explore Sakurajima Island, just head to the northwest side of the map and begin uncovering the new map. It's not nearly as large as the Palpagos Islands, but there are several different biomes, bosses, and other secrets to find.

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