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Palworld - How To Make And Use Plasteel

Plasteel is the endgame material in Palworld and it takes several different resources to craft.


Among the many new materials that arrived with the Sakurajima DLC in Palworld is Plasteel. This is the ultimate material for any player looking to make some endgame content that will stack up against anything out in the world. Plasteel is primarily used to make armor, weapons, and other high-level base equipment. It's also a requirement to make the best Sphere in Palworld, which is extra important for capturing the top Pals from the Sakurajima DLC.

To see the entire process of crafting and using Plasteel in Palworld, take a look below.

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Crafting Plasteel in Palworld

Plasteel is unlocked through the Technology menu in Palworld. You can unlock it for four Technology Points once you reach level 50, which used to be the maximum level in the game. Following the Sakurajima DLC, the max level is now level 55, and you'll find many uses for Plasteel within these new levels.

Plasteel should be a quick unlock at level 50.
Plasteel should be a quick unlock at level 50.

If you hover over the description of Plasteel in the Technology menu, you'll see that the material is only craftable by using an Electric Furnace. This is an existing base station in Palworld that you can unlock at level 44 in the Technology menu. You can then build and place an Electric Furnace in your base, which you need to do to make any Plasteel.

The Electric Furnace costs 50 Refined Ingots, 10 Circuit Boards, 20 Polymer, and 20 Carbon Fiber to craft. Once it's built, you need to assign your best Fire/Kindling Pal to it so you can produce Plasteel at the fastest rate. You're able to check every Pal's Work Suitability by going to the Paldeck. Assign the Pal with the highest Kindling level to the Electric Furnace. This is done by picking up the Pal once they're in your base and throwing them at the Electric Furnace (or any other station).

With the Electric Furnace built and a Kindling Pal ready to go, you need the following materials to make one Plasteel:

  • 5 Crude Oil
  • 5 Paldium Fragments
  • 10 Ore

Crude Oil is another new material in Palworld that you can obtain by opening a Supply Drop or installing a Crude Oil Extractor at your base. The rest of the materials are easy enough to get, but 10 Ore for every one Plasteel is a steep price. I recommend unlocking and crafting an Ore Site in your base to passively mine Ore without needing actual Ore veins nearby.

Using Plasteel in Palworld

After you acquire some Plasteel from crafting it at an Electric Furnace, there are several different ways to use it. I suggest making the base Plasteel Armor first, unlocked at level 51 in the Technology menu. Chances are you're still going to be around level 50 or 51 when you first make Plasteel, so you won't be able to craft much more than the armor anyway. You could also craft the Plasteel Helmet, unlocked at level 51.

However, level 51 also contains the Ultimate Sphere, which is the top Sphere in Palworld. This Sphere is required to capture some of the highest-level Pals in the Sakurajima DLC, so it should be one of your top priorities. Crafting the Ultimate Sphere requires one Plasteel, 20 Paldium Fragments, 10 Pal Metal Ingots, and five Carbon Fiber, so you might not be able to craft too many of them at first with a requirement list like that.

There's no beating the Ultimate Sphere.
There's no beating the Ultimate Sphere.

Other uses for Plasteel include:

  • Laser Rifle
  • Flamethrower
  • Grenade Launcher
  • Gatling Gun
  • Guided Missile Launcher
  • Cold Food Box
  • Heat Resistant/Cold Resistant Plasteel Armor
  • Lightweight Plasteel Armor
  • Ultra Shield

Essentially, if you want the best of the best when it comes to gear, you need to get started on making as much Plasteel as possible. From there, you can decide on what upgrades to make and what to use your Plasteel on in Palworld.

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