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Palworld - How To Get And Use Crude Oil And The Oil Extractor

Crude Oil is a new resource in Palworld, and it can primarily be acquired using the Crude Oil Extractor machine.


One of the new resources that arrived with the Sakurajima DLC update in Palworld is called "Crude Oil." This resource is essential in the production of Plasteel, which creates the best Sphere, armor, and weapons in Palworld. However, the primary way to acquire Crude Oil requires you to construct and use a Crude Oil Extractor, which comes with its own requirements. You can see the entire process of building a Crude Oil Extractor and getting Crude Oil in Palworld in the guide below.

Building the Crude Oil Extractor in Palworld

To unlock the Crude Oil Extractor in your base build menu, you need to use two Technology Points on the equipment. The Crude Oil Extractor is found at level 50 in the Technology Menu right next to the unlock for Plasteel.

The Crude Oil Extractor in the Technology menu
The Crude Oil Extractor in the Technology menu

After you unlock the Crude Oil Extractor, you need the following resources to construct it in your base:

  • 250 Pal Metal Ingots
  • 50 Circuit Boards

Obviously, that's a huge haul of resources, so you might have to spend a few hours getting the right materials to build the extractor. Then, once you have the right number of materials, you can't even build the Crude Oil Extractor in just any location.

The Crude Oil Extractor can only be built and placed over an active oil field. Oil fields are primarily located on the new Sakurajima Island, so you'll likely have to establish a new base there if you want to produce Crude Oil. However, small oil mounds can be found all over the original map as well, but they aren't clearly marked. If you open your map and view Sakurajima Island, you'll see some black spots at various spots. These black spots indicate where oil fields are located, so you have to make your base near one of them.

Oil fields are marked by dark spots on the Sakurajima map.
Oil fields are marked by dark spots on the Sakurajima map.

When you get to one of these dark spots on the map, build a Pal Management Box to establish a base. Then, find a lifted mound in the ground with dark sludge coming out of it. This dark sludge is oil, and it's where you need to place the Crude Oil Extractor. Using the materials you gathered earlier, go into your build menu, view the second page of the "Production" tab, and find the Crude Oil Extractor. Build the extractor right over the oil mound in the ground. Once that's done, you're ready to start harvesting some Crude Oil.

Building the Crude Oil Extractor over the oil mound.
Building the Crude Oil Extractor over the oil mound.

Producing Crude Oil in Palworld

While you might think Crude Oil will just start pouring out of the extractor after you build it, Palworld has other plans. The Crude Oil Extractor requires a power source to operate, so you'll have to construct a Power Generator near the extractor in your new base. The Power Generator can be built from the "Infrastructure" tab of the build menu and costs the following resources:

  • 50 Ingots
  • 20 Electric Organs

Once the Power Generator is up and running, you need to head into your Pal Management Box and assign an Electric Pal to the generator. Using a Pal with level 3 or 4 Electricity Work Suitability is essential, as the Crude Oil Extractor requires a ton of power. A level 2 Electricity Pal won't be able to power the generator fully.

Powering up the Crude Oil Extractor.
Powering up the Crude Oil Extractor.

Ensure your Electric Pal is assigned to the Power Generator, which is indicated by the Pal producing electricity near the generator. After that happens, the Power Generator will start storing power and the Crude Oil Extractor should turn on. You'll know if the extractor is working if you hear noises coming from it.

You can collect Crude Oil from the extractor by going up to it and pressing "Acquire" if one or more Crude Oils Are produced. It's recommended that you have a Transport Pal at your new base so they can take the Crude Oil from the extractor to a storage chest, so you don't have to do that yourself.

With your new Crude Oil, you can make Plasteel at an Electric Furnace or craft items such as Missile Ammo, Flamethrower Fuel, or other Technology menu unlocks.

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