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Palworld - How To Find And Catch Mimog

Mimog is a frustratingly elusive Pal to capture in Palworld, but you can add it to your Paldeck with some easy steps.


There are dozens of new Pals to capture in Palworld following the Sakurajima DLC update, but perhaps none are more sought-after than Mimog. This treasure chest-shaped Pal was spotted in the original trailer for the Sakurajima DLC and immediately became a fan-favorite Pal. However, if you've tried to catch Mimog out in the wild, your feelings might have shifted due to the sheer elusiveness of the Pal. To see exactly where Mimog is located and how to capture it in Palworld, keep reading the guide below.

Where to find Mimog in Palworld

Fortunately for all you Mimog hunters out there, Mimog isn't exclusive to the Sakurajima Island. In fact, Mimog is found just about anywhere on the Palworld map. There are some areas where Mimog doesn't spawn, which are mainly low-level parts of the map. For the most part, though, you can find Mimog on a majority of the Palpagos Islands and Sakurajima Island.

Mimog's possible spawns in Palworld
Mimog's possible spawns in Palworld

Mimog can spawn during the day or night as well, so you're not time-constrained in that regard. While Mimog is easy to find, though, catching the Pal is an entirely different matter.

How to catch Mimog in Palworld

Instead of wandering through a field or water like most other wild Pals, Mimog stays stationary out in the world. The Pal tries to imitate the treasure chests that you can find all over the islands on the map, not moving until you attack them or throw a Sphere.

When you first attack Mimog, they immediately sprint away in the opposite direction. This isn't a normal sprint either, as Mimog can go out of sight within a second or two. It's imperative that you see what direction Mimog runs away so you have the right heading when you go to chase them down. If you manage to catch up to Mimog, you can likely get one or two more attacks in before they run farther away.

How Mimog appears in the wild
How Mimog appears in the wild

The best way I found of catching Mimog is to throw a Legendary or Ultimate Sphere at them right when I find one in the world. While your chances of catching it are low, depending on their level, this ensures Mimog can't run away without you having an attempt to get them into a Sphere. If Mimog breaks out of the Sphere, they will sprint away just like they would if you attacked it.

You can also try to stun Mimog using the Stun Baton weapon or a party Pal's attack, which subdues it for a few seconds. This gives you a better shot at capturing the Pal and you'll likely have a couple more chances to catch it before it runs away.

For those of you looking just to capture Mimog for your Paldeck's sake, then it's recommended to look for one in lower-level areas of the map. This gives you a better shot to catch the Pal with a more advanced Sphere. However, if you want to get the full Sakurajima experience in Palworld, then head to the new island and try to capture Mimog there. Mimogs are around levels 45-50 on Sakurajima Island, so you'll have to get lucky with a Legendary or Ultimate Sphere to capture the Pal.

Mimog's Drops and Stats in Palworld

If you're able to capture Mimog, you'll likely get some Dog Coins or regular Coins as a drop. You also have the chance to earn a Training Manual (XL), which grants the Pal that uses it a massive amount of XP. This item has the potential to increase a level 50 Pal to level 55 instantly, so use it wisely if you're lucky enough to earn the drop.

Mimog's Paldeck page
Mimog's Paldeck page

Mimog is a Neutral-type in Palworld that has the Partner Skill "Unlock." This skill allows you to use Mimig to unlock any locked treasure chest in the world without using a key. Of course, Mimog needs to be in your party for this skill to come into play. The higher level your Mimog is, the more advanced chests they can open. For example, if you have a high-level Mimog, you can freely open chests that previously required a Gold Key.

Finally, Mimog only has a level 1 Gathering Work Suitability, so they're practically worthless in your base. The best use-case for Mimog is as a party Pal that you use when exploring the map so you can open any chest you come across in Palworld.

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