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Palworld is out now in Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Pass via Xbox Game Preview. That means it's finally time for the world to collectively answer the age-old question, "What if Pokemon had guns?" While Palworld is a lot more than that--it also mixes in elements of modern Zelda games and the open-world survival-crafting genre, the main attraction here is the creature collector at the heart of it all.

Use our ever-expanding guides hub to get acquainted with the weird and wide world of Palworld.

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Palworld beginner's guides

All Pals in Palworld - With more than 100 Pals to meet, greet, and maybe defeat, here's what they all look like.

Best starting pal in Palworld - The first Pal you capture, like your first Pokemon, is a momentous occasion.

Tips and tricks - We've compiled more than a dozen tips to help you hit the ground running in Palworld, including notes on crafting, eating, inventory management, and more.

Multiplayer and cross-play explained - You don't have to play Palworld alone. Here's everything there is to know.

Pal care

How to get guns - It's not "Pokemon with guns" unless you have the guns. Here's how to start arming yourself and your Pals to the teeth.

How to catch Pals - It's also not "Pokemon with guns" without the Pokemon-like creatures. Here's how to successfully catch Pals.

How to increase capture rate - If you want to improve your chances of successful Pal captures, you can try several strategies.

How to heal and revive Pals - When your Pal is down, get them back on their feet/paws/tentacles, etc.

How to feed and manage Pals - Your food isn't just for you. Here's how to keep your Pals well-fed and happy.

How to hatch eggs - Just don't put them all in one basket.

How to merge Pals - Yes, you can fuse your Pals to create strange outcomes.

How to breed Pals - Your very own Pal dude ranch awaits.

How to capture the Mammorest - One of Palworld's biggest Pals can be yours.

How to ride and fly on Pals - You can even catch a ride on specific Pals. Here's how.

Lucky (Shiny) Pals explained - Ultra-rare Pals are there to be found.

Pal types, strengths, and weaknesses - Each Pal has benefits and detriments on the battlefield.

Survival and special items

Dupe glitch - You can duplicate would-be rare items before this bug is patched.

How to get more Paldium- This early-game resource is especially important.

Best weapons - There are many ways to defend yourself in Palworld, but they're not created equal.

How to avoid cold and stay warm - It gets cold in the wilderness, but you can stay warm with a few strategies.

How to repair items - Your tools and weapons will degrade over time. Here's how to keep them in working condition.

How to get sulfur, gunpowder, and ammo - These important items can be tricky to find.

How to get a glider - With a glider, you can explore all of the open world faster (and with more style).

Moving your base - Creating a shelter is just the start in this deep survival game with some...let's say strange lore added in. Here's how to move your labor camp--I mean base.

Defend your base from raids - Keep the bad guys out with this guide.

How to get more ingots - This resource is of utmost important for a variety of reasons.


Sealed Realm locations - Leave the open world and fight some Pals in arenas.

Boss tower locations - Think of these as your Pokemon gyms.

How to beat the first boss - The Rayne Syndicate Tower Boss is a tricky first skill check.

Ancient tech - The game's best and rarest items can be yours with this guide.

Bookmark this page as we continue to add more Palworld guides to aid you on your adventure.

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