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Palworld - How To Craft The Glider Or Parachute

Hang tight as you glide in mid-air in Palworld.


Palworld has several islands and biomes for you to explore. It's a given that you'll need all the tools to help you forge a path ahead. Here's our guide on how to craft the Glider. called the Parachute, in Palworld.

How to craft the Palworld Glider (Parachute)

You can craft the Glider or Parachute by unlocking the Normal Parachute device in the Technology menu. Do take note that this is a rank 5 tech item, which means you'll need to level up a bit.

Once you've unlocked it, go ahead and craft it via the Primitive Workbench. This item requires the following resources:

  • 10x Wood - Easily obtained since you can cut down trees or pick up the resource from the ground.
  • 2x Cloth - These are often dropped by Lamballs and other weaker creatures in the initial biome.
The items needed for the Normal Parachute are easy enough to gather.
The items needed for the Normal Parachute are easy enough to gather.

Now that you have a Normal Parachute in Palworld, you'll be able to use its unique function. With it, you can press the jump button as you're jumping or falling from a great height. Keep the key held down so you can continue gliding down safely. This tool also helps you traverse certain areas, especially if you need to cross gaps or a wider expanse.

Have fun gliding to new areas.
Have fun gliding to new areas.

This is how you craft the Glider or Normal Parachute in Palworld. While you're roaming around locations, you might want to know about the best early-game weapons, as well as how to change your base's location.

Wide-open expanses, unique biomes, and even stranger creatures await you in Palworld. You can learn more about the game in our guides hub.

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