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Palworld Dev Apologizes For "Inadvertently Fixing" A Bug Players Enjoyed

Making Tower bosses uncapturable was unintentional, according to Pocketpair.


A popular bug-turned-feature in Palworld has been fixed in the game's latest update, but developer Pocketpair insists it was an accident.

Palworld's most recent update brought a slew of fixes to both the PC and Xbox versions of the popular monster-collecting survival game, but one of those fixes--the inability to capture Tower bosses--was unintentional, according to Pocketpair.

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In a post on X (formerly Twitter), developer Pocketpair said a bug fix making it so Tower boss Pals could no longer be captured was "unintentionally fixed." The ability to capture Palworld's powerful boss Pals may have not been originally intended, but has since become a featured in its own right.

"We apologize for inadvertently fixing a bug," Pocketpair said.

Pocketpair has not clarified when or if it will be reverting the bug fix to make it so Tower bosses are once again capturable. The accidental fixing of the ability to capture Tower bosses isn't the only issue that has risen from the new update. Pals created through breeding are currently retaining passives, an issue Pocketpair said it will look to fix "as soon as possible." Additionally, there are issues with auto-saves on the Xbox versions of Palworld, which Pocketpair stated will be resolved in a coming update.

As for what intentional changes came as part of Palworld's new patch update, it is mostly bug fixes and a small number of balance changes. The number of police officers who appear when a player commits a crime, for example, has been "significantly increased." Other changes include improvements to Digitoise's mining partner skill, adjustments to the flight distance of the Sphere Launcher and Scatter Sphere Launcher, and the addition of an electric shock effect to the Free Pal Alliance's crossbow.

Palworld recently announced more than 25 million people played the Pokemon-inspired survival game in its first month, selling 15 million copies on Steam alone. Shortly after launch, Palworld reached more than 2 million concurrent players on Steam, and even if those numbers have gone down significantly in the weeks since, it is still among the top-played games on the platform. Palworld's community manager recently commented on the game's decreased concurrent player counts, remarking that it's okay for players to take a break.

The success of Palworld did not go unnoticed by The Pokemon Company, who in January issued a statement that it would be investigating Palworld to "address any acts that infringe on intellectual property rights related to Pokemon."

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