Palladium Gets Warped

In Star Warped, Palladium Interactive's newest parody, nothing in George Lucas' Star Wars trilogy is sacred.


For all the Star Wars fans out there who ever wanted to whack the Ewok, Parroty Interactive, a division of Palladium Interactive, has the answer.

This month, the company responsible for PC game parody Pyst is launching a new spoof called Star Warped. Unlike Pyst, which was an interactive product rather than a game, Star Warped is a game. It contains 12 games and gimmicks designed to poke fun at George Lucas' epic trilogy.

The games include a trivia game called U Don't No Jedi; a Gene Splicer to meld the traits of different characters; Flawed Fighters, a fighting game whose weapons include the body parts of Luke Skywalker; and Death Star Destructo, a shooter where players try to destroy random Star Wars merchandise. Whack the Ewok is a skill game where players try to knock those fuzzy creatures off their perches.

Other activities feature a Time Machine of sight gags featuring characters before and after their big screen debuts, a series of Scrapped Star Wars scripts in the writing styles of directors like Quentin Tarantino and Woody Allen, and a Magic Eight Ball-style Yoda game called Tell You, I Will.

A Ranch cam shows fictional footage of Skywalker ranch, and three hidden game parodies are in there as well.

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