Palia Dev Raises $30 Million To Support The MMO

Singularity 6 has raised a lot of money to help make Palia a reality.


Singularity 6, the developer of the the MMO Palia that has echoes of Animal Crossing and Breath of the Wild, has raised $30 million in Series B funding to help fuel the development of that title.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the new round of funding was led by FunPlus Ventures, while game industry veteran Mitch Lasky also invested.

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Singularity 6's CEO Anthony Leung, a former executive at League of Legends developer Riot Games, said the team has been "overjoyed" by the reaction to Palia thus far.

"The incredible response from the community has further invigorated us in our pursuit to deliver an immersive online world where players can feel like they truly belong. Creating that experience may have seemed like a daunting prospect, but with all of the support and encouragement we've received, we are more heartened than ever," Leung said.

FunPlus Ventures COO Michael Tong said his venture capital firm was attracted to Palia because it's more than a game--it's a "social space where players can find a sense of community and build friendships."

As we reported previously, Palia allows you to create your own character before being put into a vibrant world. You play as a human, a species regarded as long dead "legends" by the rest of the world. You awaken into this world without knowing why, and set out to make a name for yourself, whether that's as a gardener, cook, homeowner, adventurer, or something else.

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As an MMO, Palia's world is filled with both fleshed-out NPCs and real-world players, allowing you to build a community and discover the secrets of Palia's world together. You can also build and customize your own home, join Neighborhoods (Palia's version of guilds), and start romances with certain characters.

Palia is scheduled to release for PC in Pre-Alpha Access in Summer 2021.

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