Painkiller multiplayer demo due May 3

First taste of multiplayer play for DreamCatcher's hellish shooter will feature two maps.



Today DreamCatcher announced that it will release the multiplayer demo for Painkiller on May 3.

The demo will allow players to blow each other to bits in two modes: the self-explanatory deathmatch and voosh, a deathmatch variation where players are given random weapons--but unlimited ammo--for a limited time. It will also feature two maps--DM-Sacred and DM-Cursed--and will include all the updates and optimizations from the upcoming 1.1 patch. Gamers can download the demo from the DreamCatcher site on May 3.

Rated "M" for Mature, Painkiller is currently on sale in stores for $39.99. GameSpot's Greg Kasavin recently had some hands-on experience with the People Can Fly-developed PC shooter. Check out his review for more about the game.

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