Painkiller demo available

[UPDATED] Get a three-map taste of Painkiller in this exclusive GameSpot demo premiere.


While Dreamcatcher recently announced that Painkiller won't be out until April, the public can now get its first taste of the otherworldly first-person shooter. Today GameSpot DLX premieres a playable demo with three single-player maps.

The game follows a recently deceased hero on his well-armed stand against a rebellion in Purgatory, so realism takes a back seat to fantastic battles. But Painkiller features over-the-top Havok 2.0 physics to make the action even more frantic. Four out of five weapons are in the demo--the stake gun, lightning rod, chain-gun and Painkiller--and all have two very different firing modes, plus a combo attack that combines them. The stake gun highlights the game's wild ragdoll physics when the large projectiles lodge in undead foes--and it also packs a grenade launcher. The chaingun combines with the rocket launcher and the Painkiller mixes a beam laser and slasher capabilities.

The demo gives players a glimpse of three locations in Purgatory: the never-before-seen Oriental Castle, the witch-infested medieval town level, and the boss fight against the giant hammer-wielding Thor. The castle level, depicted in the screenshots above, is one of the largest in the game and is designed with an atmospheric Arabian Nights-style. The town level is an ideal place to put the stake gun to work, while the Thor battle has been significantly updated since its eye-catching debut at E3 2003 and shows off destructible environments and real-time lighting.

Get the 230MB demo now from the link below or on GameSpot DLX.

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